Cosmetics OEM processing: what is the hormone of cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
safety always let a person feel more concern, but because of a lot of consumer to rush, to blind pursuit, so cosmetics accidents frequently occur. Hormone face the expert warns broad customer, long-term use of hormones in cosmetics, although short-term quick effect after a period of time will no longer effect, and the skin will become dependent once stopped, rebound, appear even dermatitis, fester and sensitive situation. What cosmetics manufacturer is everyone to be careful, must leave a narrow-minded don't in trouble. 1, careful cosmetics manufacturer containing surfactant surfactant with excellent washing, emulsification, dispersion, wetting, solubilization, detergent, foaming performance, thus is widely used in cosmetic skin care products, especially the clean class makeup to protect skin to taste is inseparable from the surfactant. Surfactant can be divided into ionic and nonionic two kinds. Long-term exposure to the surfactant, will cause the chemical substance in the skin wipes gathered, produce adverse effect to the skin, such as eczema. After this kind of chemical synthesis material enters the body, also can cause damage to the liver, purport is dirty. Surfactants which will generate a call two by-products of alkanes, given two alkanes is a kind of carcinogenic substance, but is a lot of makeup to protect skin to taste in shuo alkanes generally exceeds bid 2, careful preservative cosmetic preservative is cosmetic skin care products in one of the chemical synthesis matter most. Due to many cosmetic skin care products contain nutrients, in order to prevent its deterioration, so must add preservatives. If too much to add, most preservatives have the stimulation to the skin. If not too much to add, a chemical that gathered in the skin for a long time, also can cause damage to the skin and allergies. Preservative variety are many, the purpose of the most commonly used for the base benzoic acid esters, taste pursuit pulse, calzone, phenol, alkyl salicylate, sorbic acid, etc. 3, careful cosmetics manufacturer containing colorants in order to make the colour of cosmetic skin care products more attractive, so all kinds of chemical synthetic colorants as additives into the cosmetic skin care products, while most of the chemical synthesis of colorants will produce certain damage to the skin. The tar composition in such as colorants, excessive, long-term exposure can lead to skin carbuncle; Used for foam cleanser, lipstick, shampoo and hair dye of azo dyes are irritating to the skin. Therefore, the color is too bright cosmetic skin care products should maintain a high degree of vigilance, avoid skin damage. 4, careful contain astringent makeup for pore bulky, when it is used in cosmetic skin care products, have convergent effect of make up water is little not. In fact this is the user of a beauty myth, the so-called makeup water shrinkage, at best in pores of the effect, after the pore is bulky. Such as use for a long time, will not shrink pores, but also can make the skin appear worse consequences. These components can be temporarily frozen on the skin cutin protein, sebum secretion is restrained, so as to make the person produces the pores shrink. 5, careful with some beautiful white product some so-called seven days whitening, pale spot products do not believe it. Because using this kind of product, will find that the skin slippery white at the beginning, but with long time, will find that more and more thin skin, it is difficult to cure. It will be damaged after use medical beauty skin care products, skin moisturizing repair. This process is two months, short length is one year. 6, careful some hormonal acne acne removing products take effect quickly, but also just work, but they could not cure. So a lot of acne products can play such advertising 'three days work'; Hormonal acne though rapid recurrence but also fast, once stopped, soon grow out again, might even be more severe. 7, careful with some of the light spot products for the 'spot' this stuff, believe our female friends to a familiar and hate, spot there are many kinds of, like 'insolation freckle, chloasma, freckles and so on. Skin long spot of the main factors: pressure, endocrine disorders, abnormal metabolism, uv, etc. Why the product's quickly pale spot? Because it is peeling skin injury and even at the cost of leather, temporary whitening of the change is permanent damage to the skin. Repair damaged skin barrier is treating hormone-dependent dermatitis hormone face, hormone, red blood silk, eczema, allergic dermatitis, effective cure for sensitive skin, inhibit capillary expansion, passivation nerve ending receptors, block the trigger diffusion, and the thermal sensor, repair and strengthen the skin barrier, inhibiting inflammation, nutrition skin, supply moisture to the skin, restore skin autoimmune and regeneration. Unblock clogged pores by hormone garbage, restore the normal function of skin, rebuild skin normal growth environment, gradually solve hormone-dependent dermatitis of redness, itching, tingling, rash and other symptoms.
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