Cosmetics OEM processing, the production delivery cycle is how long?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
products from design to production to delivery by the ODM/OEM is responsible for all the way, XJ Beauty can maximum limit, to help customers reduce customer costs, allow customers to save time, effort, worry, save money. To freedom, independent, flexible production of own brands or circulation edge products, but any products need to a production process, so cosmetics OEM processing, production delivery cycle is how long?

cosmetics OEM processing, every step needs time to wait, the factory side do cycle. The general glass bottles need to select washing bottles, baking disinfection, filling, plastic bottles you need to blow and disinfection, face film bag and mask paper need blundering disinfection, so not even simple filling is take time.

emulsifying time: cycles are usually in 2 days or so, to see whether the cargo situation and emulsifying need 2 - semi-finished products Three days of rest, the quality control on material testing, time also will be a day, at the same time to the product's packaging material to do check, to see if leakage, the bottle bottles from scratching by the problem of product quality inspection.

actually different product delivery cycle, mainly depends on the packaging material production cycle, generally 20 - such as cleanser production cycle Between 30 days, cleanser bottle production need 20 days, synchronization can be carried out a small box encapsulation trunk of production, such as after the packaging to the factory to do material, single filling, usually 3 - 5 days can be shipped, and the total time is about 25 days.

if BB cream do air cushion, air cushion packaging material production cycle is long, 30 - commonly 35 days, synchronization, also can undertake sponge, powder puff, stickers, paper box, tap, encapsulation, trunk, such as production, packaging material in place after under-burnt clinker, single filling, usually 3 - 5 days can be shipped, and the total time is 30 - 40 days.

above these, of course, not including company and brand registration, Long a month, can be synchronized) , packaging design, The length 3 - 5 days) , sample trial and delivery time, so want to do cosmetics, must hurry.

why in processing OEM delivery cycle so long? Read the above said small make up just know, time will give you the best feedback, the introduction of hope we can help you, if you want to learn more about the cosmetics tiepai processing related content, welcome to consult our XJ Beauty.

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