Cosmetics OEM processing, OEM brand of large amount of influencing factors

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
Most cosmetics manufacturer factory processing enterprises have been the to undertake processing business. OEM enterprise to emerge from peers to find a breakthrough from the brand direction. Process of OEM companies to create their own brands, in fact, is the enterprise manufactured by a foundry enterprises to brand marketing company, the process of the key to success is whether companies can quickly develop and establish the necessary market competition in the market marketing ability, market competition decision-making level is the key of cognition about 1. Enlarge its capacity in technology research and development and equipment, manufacturing costs, corporate reputation and other advantages, is often the advantages of the upstream in the enterprise value chain link for granted, can extend the brand competitiveness, or as the comparative advantage of rival ( It's a pity that this logic is wrong) , many decisions that led to blind rashly, harmful legacy. 2. Think that marketing is a product, belief that the product is the leading role of the market competition, product quality decide the final outcome, convinced they have the best products, coupled with the financial support and marketing planning, good product will win out. ( In the field of marketing, however, there is no objective reality, the fact that does not exist in the more there is no so-called best products, there is the customer's perception of the brand in mind, and this awareness is the fact that everything else is illusion - - - - - - Ai. Rees) 。 This understanding leads to heavy light products plan, channel brand, run 1 - companies such as general Two years later will pay a heavy price for it. Second, in the marketing practice brand success or failure but forgotten two key 1. Do not take the market research. Not from perceiving the role of market research to the rational knowledge. Brand the probability of failure is obvious. It is understood that the industry a lot of OEM business is to create their own brands, the budget of the investment are mostly in millions of tens of millions, but most companies will not do market research, by experience, perception, judgment, etc to make marketing decision and implementation, are unexpected. This situation like blind drive the heart-pounding step by step. For market research, many enterprises are reluctant to do, cause outside the following kinds: fear not true, survey the no use; Worry about the final report, is the conclusion of a pile of them known, or a bunch of look not to understand the data, not a valuable conclusions; Worry about the time is too long, delayed market timing; To the market survey takes a fee is approved. Cosmetic industry innovation emerge in endlessly, the market popular the concept of transformation. Market research argument is to identify market opportunities, an enterprise to understand and grasp the market competition environment, understand the potential customers demand characteristics, the main basis of marketing plan. Look to the current operating performance better in daily chemical industry enterprise, are in the market research has invested a lot of efforts in argument. The right attitude is: market research must do a deep, planning and marketing program never come. 2, brand positioning. Many OEM companies tend to view the product function and the differentiation of the concept of differentiation is equivalent to the brand positioning, price and channels. The most direct consequence is to end all don't know 'who sell' products. As no navigation of the ship sailing in the vast sea, lost will go with the flow direction. Needless to say, no clear accurate positioning of the brands are almost all mediocre homogeneity of the brand, there is no future is. Missing only product positioning and competition positioning and brand positioning, will not be able to make your own brand with other brands and can't emerge from numerous similar or the same industry brands, cannot return to customer orientation, customer orientation is the first value orientation of the brand. Brand positioning accurate or not will directly affect the success or failure of market development promotion. OEM enterprise to create its own brand road is long, if OEM companies to establish brand awareness, clarify the misunderstanding of brand creation, seriously comply with the basic principles of market research and brand positioning, marketing will not get into trouble.
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