Cosmetics OEM processing: eyebrow pencil can set off the next wave of make-up fashion craze?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
A vote on weibo: in your heart, what is the most important three kind of cosmetics manufacturer? OEM thought has the maximum number of voting is now the most popular product of lipstick, but surprisingly, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder this option won the top became the most indispensable consumer products. And comments area, many users, say even without bottom makeup lipstick, not have to draw a eyebrows, at least when you use the beauty photos don't missed a block. And according to the baidu: in the first half of 2015 China cosmetics search report, according to a top ten search terms of eyebrow pencil, brow product growth rate of 16%, ranking fourth in growth. The 2015 - 2016 baidu cosmetics manufacturer industry, according to a report about brow illustration of search, search after makeup skills, the attention of consumers. Whether the heroic spirit of crown princess eyebrows, quan zhixian of mist or Lin Yun half eyebrow eyebrow, not the 'loyalty' after 90 are always 'roaming' in all kinds of eyebrow. But while consumers clearly know the importance of brow makeup look, also know skills is important, but always draw is not good, always feel thrush should not only practice makes perfect may have to take a chance. If the stream of lipstick is likely to be the future leading cosmetics trend directly, so the eyebrow makeup is but since I was immovable rock stability of the market. Although some brand in the market now already on brow product extracted some view to start marketing and cooperate with the part, such as broadcast, the video website promotion, etc. , but there are few brands through the ads will be the whole brow product farmed for launch. So although brow product demand, consumer awareness is high also, but there are few brands on the market can truly implement product and spiritual communion: some products only emphasises function, but lack of concentration, a lack of feelings and spirit; Some products just as a perfect whole makeup brand layout, only for brand fans, no clear function demands. In the cosmetics category, whether it's eye and lip or brow, we can find, consumer demand for the whole towards more sophisticated and specialized direction.
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