Cosmetics OEM processing enterprises should create its own brand?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
OEM processing enterprises should create its own brand? We is specialized in manufacturing glasses, spectacle frames and sunglasses is given priority to, the beginning and we have developed the particular technology of titanium alloy frame, thus obtained the lucrative returns. Production completely in accordance with the customer to provide the design drawings and manufacturing of the corresponding products, orders of our clients is one of the industry's leading five companies. Due to our company's business is 100% dependent on OEM production, so we have not even their own Marketing Department when we are immersed in industry technology, other competitors successfully developed their own techniques, we have lost the market monopoly, frame falling prices. To make matters worse, the five orders of our clients, suspended in a core position of a company with our cooperation, to make our company suffered a major blow. Because of this, our company started to establish their own Marketing Department, efforts to expand customers, at the same time began to strengthen their ability of planning and design. That we tried to get the company transformed into planning proposal type OEM production enterprise. I want to have independent production and sales of shares from the current 5% to 30%, because this is on the basis of solid OEM production under the premise of the risk inhibiting in minimum at the same time, the best choice to improve enterprise's gross margin. Although the company has prepared to go all out to achieve that goal, but also with big risk decision, the scruples. Want to listen to the rice the teacher's advice. Kazuo inamori: focus on the business contract, one thousand ways to a 10-fold increase in production efficiency to planning proposal to entrust the transformation of production mode is the enterprise form evolution proved that listening to your account, I can't help but recall the growth course of kyocera. I initially developed precision ceramic materials, based on this technology to create the kyocera. We are manufacturing products, from product use to specifications, completely up to give us the customer orders, we only need to inherited from their drawings, according to the drawings production and delivery. But this way can cause we can't be independent production and sales. So I like you, also gradually to plan to produce their own products. Has not yet appeared in large scale integrated circuit, transistor has just come out, I took the drawings to submit their own solutions to customers around, to persuade a way: 'we are in accordance with the specific shape manufacturing insulation parts is not just the transistor is suitable for your company production? Results the proposal is very popular, 'has been adopted by A company in the first place. So then I again with the same solution to visit company B, company B has made the same decision. Kyocera is through promoting independent planning and design, promote their morphological evolution. OEM supplier easily fall in the wrong - — Too reckless expansion independent brands now you want to get rid of the suppliers of Maori thin role, the independent brand products up to 30% from 5% now, but you should consider, once the production of own-brand products share reached 30%, is the inevitable result with you entrust cosmetics manufacturer produce competition in the market now, so at this stage, I think you'd better give up the plan. If you want to sell own-brand products, will need to plan, design and promotion, marketing, inventory management and so on a lot of money. Production of own-brand products share 30%, 50% or 100%, are also need to spend a lot of money, so what are you going to set the independent brand products on the idea of 30% in revenue cost accounting is not cost-effective. Why don't really want to do is set at 100% level. And, this approach makes the enterprise need to bear the risk of additional inventory backlog, advertising costs, at the same time, also have to build their own marketing circulation channels, these are undoubtedly let enterprise bearing unprecedented risks. Therefore, independent brand products for suppliers, as demonic seduction, absolutely not easily confused by it. Full of confidence to focus on the business contract kyocera in the beginning of creation, is a former panasonic electronics industry suppliers. Is due to the supplier, so every time to accept orders for panasonic, may suffer from panasonic bargains. First I also think that cannot reduce the price of the products, so try a variety of means to find a way out. But one day, I suddenly changed their way of thinking, to realize that 'as a supplier, no matter how the delegate is unable to avoid interacting, requirements, and so, as do even low price can still make a profit, what don't have to fear that a low price. 'I fully carry out all kinds of innovation and improvement, strive to improve production efficiency. In the end, we are a big enterprise under parts suppliers, but we still through the production and before the same product and ensure the enough profit margins. If you can fundamentally change the inertia of thinking in terms of product manufacturing, also can create enough profit. 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