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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM - Preparation of transparent oil-in-water system < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM processing 07 - 16 10:36:20 < / p> cosmetics manufacturer OEM technically, there are two types of dispersion cosmetics manufacturer chemist called & other; Solution & throughout; : isotropic and micelle. Isotropic solution is uniform mixture of two or more ingredients, including oil droplets or solute in the case of without the use of surfactant dissolved in a solvent. Cellophane tape beam solution is the use of surfactant and/or solvent to oil droplets size reduced to & lt; Some 50 nanometers. Micelle formation of surfactants in water with the structure of the organization. Form micelle concentration is known as the lowest critical micelle concentration or CMC. Above the CMC, the micellar structure around the hydrophobic component, such as fragrances and oil. If you use the appropriate surfactant and add enough high concentration, can form a transparent dispersions. Usually these emulsion is about 5 - 10 nano particle size, and only in emulsified highly polar oil phase such as spices. If high shear mechanical energy is used to reduce particle size, micellar dispersions also can use the ability to lower concentration of surfactant mixture. However, they usually have a larger size. Microemulsion is a third type of micelle dispersion, compared with the typical micelle dispersion to need the higher concentration of surfactant. Microemulsion, different from the typical micellar solution, is stable and has a thermodynamics & lt; 50 nanometer particle size of dispersion, through a mixture of simple would be formed immediately. They are cosmetics OEM parsing contains water phase, oil phase, surfactant and surfactant system of low viscosity. Help surfactant, usually in the form of water insoluble polyol or alkane alcohol, helps to reduce the interfacial tension, so as to reduce the size of the dispersed droplets. Preparation of transparent oil-in-water emulsion of other methods including makes the refractive index of oil and water phase of refractive index matching, and the use of cyclodextrin ( CD) The molecular package. The refractive index matching emulsifier and the use of high concentrations of polyols is usually required. This is only applicable to the refractive index is close to water the type of oil. The emulsion thickener is needed to help improve the stability, because their size usually & gt; 100 nm. Transparent water soluble cyclodextrin complex needs to use highly water soluble form of CD, such as & alpha; 伽马; Or hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin and used only for can wrapped in the inside of the ring structure. CD and complexing components typical proportion is every complexing components need to be 5-1% Ten copies of the CD, and depending on the type and molecular weight of the ingredients used.
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