Cosmetics OEM: postpartum use cosmetics should pay attention to two points

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Hot mom after complete the task during pregnancy, all hope to restore pre-baby figure and appearance, as soon as possible because pregnancy cannot use protect skin to taste, the entire pregnancy, hot mama of most of them are present problems such as dark skin, so how to correctly use cosmetics can make skin restore previous bright white? Next we XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing enterprises of small make up just to say to you what to do during this period, but also is not to choose, cosmetics today and hot mama said if to choose the appropriate maintenance. Postpartum unfavorable use of cosmetics is unfavorable use some cosmetics postpartum, the following two points should be pay attention to the hot mama. ___________ lipstick, lipstick are the main ingredients for pigment, spice, waxed paper, etc. , when the hot mama kiss embrace the baby is easy to stay on the baby's delicate skin, easy to cause the baby skin allergy, so the lipstick is not recommended, especially the hot mom of lactation. 2. Hair color: it is well known hair dye contains chemical ingredients, often catch hair is not only harmful to the hair, and contact with the baby, to the baby is also a kind of hurt, skin cancer JiuZhenLv gradually increased in recent years, it is important to note that hot mama.
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