Cosmetics OEM OEM should pay attention to what issues?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
After-sales service good cosmetics OEM service intimate satisfaction service for the cosmetics brands, in addition to its good technical for the general customers solve the problem of the mass production and quality assurance, more important is the direct and convenient the normal operation of cosmetic industry at home and abroad market. To senior cosmetics manufacturer OEM unshakable position, so in the cosmetics OEM brand especially pay attention to what details? OEM note 1. Attention to the problem of line version of the general cosmetics manufacturer according to customer's quality requirements for make-up version, such as color, state ( Liquid or solid) , scent, such as product effect, or also includes price requirements. General cosmetics manufacturer brands is sample and trial order if satisfactory sealing version then. But note that the general cosmetics OEM manufacturers have a minimum order, such as 40 kg. Of course, the specific circumstances of each cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer is not the same. 2. About order, cosmetics OEM orders, generally at least send thirty percent deposit, balance production after the lump-sum payment, cooperation for the first time the customer can use the balance to wait for a notice shipment release form, and ODM customer orders generally at least send sixty percent deposit, balance in the cosmetics OEM one-time pay, after the completion of the same, for the first time cooperation of cosmetics brands can use the call loan ways such as the balance. 3. According to package problems, cosmetics OEM divided into glass bottles, plastic bottles and materials such as paper, glass bottles generally minimum three thousand, and can spray; Plastic bottles general order five thousand, ten thousand stand aside with color. Glass bottle spot selectivity compared commonly big, other material of cosmetics OEM material less selective. When processing package to have customers bring their own or cosmetics OEM manufacturers buy on sb's behalf. The above is the senior cosmetics OEM three related points for attention. Of course, in addition to the above three points, cosmetics OEM manufacturers have three certificates is also worth attention of customers. Three certificates including production enterprise business license, production license and hygiene license. Because cosmetics directly used for skin contact, its safety and health is the foundation of the cosmetic industry.
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