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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-12
OEM OEM: the revolution of retinoic acid < p> 2018 - of OEM brand cosmetics 07 - 17 10:00:16 < / p> cosmetics manufacturer research of OEM brand that retinoic acid is by strengthening the mechanism of cellular renewal, prevent collagen function decomposition and thickening of the skin. However, in some cases retinoic acid can also cause stimulation. In 1986, Dr AlbertKligman confirmed by clinical test, contains the prescription acne cream Retin of retinoic acid - A. can significantly alleviate the symptoms of skin wrinkles, improve the overall appearance of the skin. This is the first big products applied to elaborate to prove that skin can improve the light one of the study of aging skin. In 1995, contains 0. 1% retinoic acid Renova cream to become the first approved by FDA for the treatment of light aging skin. In the 90 s, the company of RoC and Neutrogena brand launched the first proved by clinical effective OTC products, products with stable retinol & ndash; — Weakening version of retinoic acid. Retinol structure of retinoic acid more moderate, in topical skin, retinol was oxidized into retinal first, and then be further oxidized into retinoic acid. Adjustment of retinol formula makes skin care products have good stability and validity, and reduce the skin irritation. It will need a uv stabilization for consumer products. Think of OEM brand cosmetics manufacturer, there are a lot of use of the development of genomics retinol simulation, is used to simulate the genes will be affected by the retinol. When used alone or in combination with retinol combination, the simulated result showed good clinical curative effect, good stability and low irritating. Thus retinol skin repair effect is still the best one of the active ingredient to choose.
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