Cosmetics OEM/ODM processing plants need to be aware of a few questions? To the right choice

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Many brands, by the processing plant, the processing production of brand, but how to choose factory? How to correctly choose suits own cosmetics co-packer? Small make up today to analyze, you choose cosmetics OEM/ODM processing factory need to pay attention to some problems, tell you how to choose the right cosmetics generation processing factory. Everything will eye your eye!

is to be a product, of course, quality is the first element, the price is the important reference factor, so want to processing cosmetics must visit factory, have traveled long distances to meet each other, in order to strategize product large pin, in order to create the best brand, the pay is a must.

second, investigate the factory machinery and equipment

workshop production equipment is the important factors that affect product quality, effect and appearance, so choose cosmetics OEM/ODM processing factory with advanced equipment is very important.

third, investigate whether has its own r&d team

a factory not own laboratory and r&d team is like a life without soul, a lot of cosmetics factory does not have its own laboratory and r&d team, let alone have the ability of innovation, so to do seriously, be about to choose a promising to cosmetics OEM enterprise independent innovation and research and development ability.

country its 4, the production workshop standard cosmetics factory production workshop is in the air, equipment, personnel, water quality and so on have strict requirements. At present, companies that can really meet the national inspection standard part, but it can meet the national pharmaceutical grade standard production workshop enterprise is less, can truly powerful enterprises.

five, understanding supply channel

you need to know what are the OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer supply channel, supply channel, the more powerful, can meet various needs. XJ Beauty for the domestic and international cosmetic line, professional lines, electric business, the commodity brand customers provide first-class processing platform and brand supplies.

the six cases, customer

a professional cosmetics OEM/ODM processing plants must be will have their own stable customer base, are not necessarily very well-known, but must have their own stable and mature market. See a factory's overall strength, just look at his processed what brand products which can judge the credibility of the plant and the quality of products.

although cosmetics OEM/ODM cosmetics manufacturer information on the Internet is credible, but also need to choose and verification, the processing to cosmetics factory on-the-spot investigation, finally to make the best choice. XJ Beauty all the qualifications to be complete, take the customer as the core, can provide customers with one-stop services, is the most let a person worry of OEM enterprises.

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