Cosmetics OEM/ODM popular science knowledge: knowledge of the 80% of people don't know

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
People's Daily life cannot leave all kinds of good early, but you know what is cosmetic? Tell you today XJ Beauty: cosmetics OEM/ODM knowledge science, cosmetics knowledge of those 80% of people don't know!

the first: what is the cosmetics?

'cosmetic health supervision regulations' in cosmetic definition refers to inunction, spray or other similar methods, spreading in any part of the body surface ( Skin, hair, nails, lips, etc. ) , in order to achieve clean, eliminate bad smell, skin care, beauty and grooming, the purpose of daily chemical industry products. The second:

classification of cosmetics is how?

in the existing 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' cosmetics can be divided into special cosmetics for special use cosmetics and the two classes.

special-use cosmetics mainly include yukon hair, hair color, perm, hair removal, breast beauty, fitness, deodorant, spot, sunscreen cosmetics. In order to achieve the above effect, special use cosmetics need to add some efficacy composition, safety risk is relatively high. Special use cosmetics manufacturer, therefore, need to be in the state administration of drug registration, obtain the document of approval for special use cosmetics rear can go on sale.

in addition to the special use cosmetics, other all belong to the special use cosmetics. Domestic cosmetics for special needs in drug regulatory agency at or above the provincial level for the record, the record number is on sale. Imported cosmetics for special need in the unified national record management and the special use cosmetics for the record, rear can go on sale.

the third, how to choose and buy cosmetics manufacturer?

1。 According to the type of skin choose cosmetics;

2。 Select normal way to buy;

3。 Query the product registration information;

4。 Watch the quality of the products;

5。 Check the component identification;

6。 Trial products.

7。 Retained to purchase vouchers.

cosmetics adverse reactions to

cosmetics adverse reaction of common types are: light contact dermatitis, cosmetic contact cheilitis, cosmetics abnormal skin pigmentation, acne, cosmetics hair damage, a damage.

the cause of cosmetic safety problems from cosmetics itself on the one hand, the product formula may contain alcohol, essence or stimulate the skin ingredients such as aromatic plant extracts, the skin is allergic to some composition in the formula or composition. , on the other hand, the individual differences of users is also a important factor, used is not suitable for your skin type is still possible to produce adverse reactions.

4: how to identify the cosmetic quality 'four steps'

some cosmetics due to improper storage, even if has not expired, the phenomenon of the bad. In this case, not to save money or to discard also continue to use, otherwise it may have serious consequences for the skin. :

view color cosmetics are changed, the original color may be caused by microbes produce pigment cosmetics become yellow, brown and black, also may be degenerative change of color of some ingredients in cosmetics

smell: cosmetics manufacturer have bubbles and odor, as a result of microbial fermentation, the decomposition of organic matter in cosmetics that produce acid and gas.

see rare stiff: cosmetics is thinning out of the water, is caused by bacteria contains enzymatic hydrolysis of protein and lipid, protein and lipid in the cosmetics, emulsification degree of damage, cause metamorphism, also may be due to the formula, poor physical stability or instability caused by improper storage conditions and so on emulsion is broken, and the formation of oil and water separation phenomenon.

was made in the surface layer: cosmetics appear green, yellow, black and so on mildew spot, is due to the mold caused by contamination of cosmetics.

about cosmetics OEM/ODM popular science knowledge to this end, for the cosmetics do you have any need to know? XJ Beauty cosmetics on focus, have their own research, production factories, research and development personnel, etc. , do you want to do any cosmetic services, we can provide!

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