Cosmetics OEM/ODM popular science film: cosmetics preservatives can need not?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16

bright lipstick, or scented perfume is in the presence of preservatives, basically preservatives in our life everywhere!

cosmetics preservatives exist in raw materials, manufacturing process and the packaging, consumers are invisible to the basic, XJ today Beauty cosmetics OEM/ODM small make up about: why the cosmetics will add the appropriate preservative!

cosmetics preservatives can need not?

preservative means can inhibit or prevent microbial growth and reproduction, to ensure that the cosmetics metamorphic type of material in the warranty period will not occur. Microbial contamination can cause cosmetics manufacturer odor, color, and the change of viscosity, leading to the active component of the degradation products, use are changing, even cause harm to human body health. By adding preservatives can avoid the occurrence of the above situation. Responsible producers would not risk the quality is not stable to sell products to consumers, therefore, preservative is indispensable. Some claimed that do not contain preservatives in cosmetics, maybe just don't add preservatives in a production process, more and more enterprises only on the product packaging marked preservatives.

in the real world, do some enterprises tried preservative formula, but it should be in a sterile purification space all safety production, the high cost of things, and no added preservatives products must be within the packaging and content are small and short shelf life, requirements must be finished in a short time after opening, there is a lot of limitations on use. So also does not have operability in actual operation.

XJ Beauty professional cosmetics on the processing for many years, we have been trying to: on the packaging materials and production process to find a way to reduce the use of preservatives!

in addition to, from the raw material formula can also be on the packaging and production process optimization to reduce the use of preservatives. Hope can through purification of cosmetic containers, use vacuum packaging or binary package, to clean sterile processing production line, this can effectively avoid product contamination in the process of use, storage and transportation, at the same time of corrosion, and extend the shelf life of the product, by the way.

so, at present as long as the cosmetics manufacturers to ensure that the provisions of the state within the scope of use of preservatives, we can be at ease to use such products. preservatives need to be more scientific and healthy future, from raw material to the formula to the production process are worth our further study, so don't be afraid of these cosmetics preservatives, in fact all of these are very safe!

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