Cosmetics OEM/odm is not simple, before for cosmetics and processing, also need to do that?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Now living environment better, and basically everyone need to cosmetics manufacturer, but do you know? Do cosmetics manufacturer generation process is not simple, because the process, but also need the qualifications of many, XJ today Beauty of small make up to tell you: before for cosmetics and processing, also need to do that? A, plane design:

graphic design including the packing, the carton, manual, photo albums and packaging design. If the brand is responsible for design, cosmetics factory need to provide a copy of the product ( Composition, effect, using method and matters needing attention, storage method, etc. ) And the factory information ( Factory name, place and the implementation of standards, production license, bar code, etc. )

if the factory is responsible for the design work, then party there should be a cosmetics brand OEM factory of a full set of VI ( Identification, the main color, character, design requirements, etc. ) , XJ Beauty because of the file system, packaging design work is in the forefront, no matter who is in charge of the work, can move fast and fast communication, quick decision!

copy works:

copy copy, including product advertising copywriter, marketing copy and copy product is, of course, cosmetics manufacturers responsible for. Copy must pass for the record, and other document must be agreed by both sides.

three and proofing to prove:

part of the work to be done before signing a contract. If there is no complete, cosmetics OEM business department need to sign a contract in the first time to arrange the work, and provide the factory research and development department.

must specify proofing requirements, including product name, function requirements, the state requirements, essence and other special requirements. When will to provide customers samples, the samples must be to sampling. Investors after receiving the samples, they will have a look at two smell three used, the test surface must be broad, not once can ask again dozen sample cosmetics factory, under normal circumstances, the cosmetics manufacturer will not refuse, unless you require, please go back, until the test is satisfactory, two-way sealed samples even sign the sample.

4, procurement process:

if cosmetics processing is responsible for the procurement, is the most important part of the proofing, both print and packing, in order to make sure that there is no error, proofing link is indispensable, such as silk screen of the bottle. Color is the most error-prone. Even if the computer design draft of the color code is clearly marked, then there may be differences between the actual sample, so the check is necessary.

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