Cosmetics OEM/odm, how do you know all kinds of cosmetics are made?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Every little fairy desktop has all kinds of bottles, a variety of cosmetics, we had thought, how they were made? Today XJ Beauty tell you how to make good cosmetics!

any cosmetics, skin care products, it again magic again, actually can not escape the fate of the can be disassembled. Its structure composition, is commendable. is mainly composed of three parts structure: raw material formula + design + packaging material

first, cosmetics raw materials formula!

the determination of the mature product formula is after we after a dozen engineers, 10 years, a day to the pesto developed to determine the down. Predecessors trees descendants cool, so-called mature formula, need OEM customers, on-demand call directly through our system.

in the cosmetics brand personalized demand tendency of environment, on-demand customized formula, finalized tend to need more time. This process may be repeated revision, to understand and define, OEM customers didn't nod before, we only by constantly trying to, until customer satisfaction.

second, cosmetics packaging products!

simple formula in nude, did not join any design, is for the samples. Our samples may be little pressure bottle, wide mouth bottle, may also be the aluminum foil bag. If they come out, to cross the mountains and the sea, carrying the brand dream, start a wonderful journey. Maybe, you would never guess that a beautiful delicate makeup previous existence is so ugly.

if the recipe is the inner soul of cosmetics manufacturer, so from the samples to the finished product, product design and packaging of the bearing display, is it outside belief. Not many people would pay for an ugly design of cosmetics, but someone must know how to appreciate and use, through the soul sublimation to the packaging design of faith.

design style is the founder of the brand connotation of gene tonal, the design of appearance and formula content related words, do not do before packaging, just a visual abstraction of the original file. When it is delivered to our high quality packaging material supplier partners, to turn, the perfect present. Which is behind all kinds of big machines, advanced equipment to manipulate the blossom after operation.

third, cosmetics packaging!

here, you must be very curious, the formula to determine, design packaging material is also OK, how they finally together happily?

product formula into the design of packaging material body, need production blue-collar the crystallization of wisdom. Before them together, we want them to do one of the most comprehensive physical examination. Our senior emulsification technician to manipulate our ship boiler, need rest semi-finished raw materials, after testing the indicators. Packaging sterilization clean body all carried out in accordance with the national health licensing standards. They like to apply for enlisted soldiers, need to pass our strict inspection.

define index standard, ultimately they will be sent between filling and packaging materials to the packaging production line, through the combined procedure closely, blue-collar efficient collaboration, box packing, printing, labeling, thanks. Until the final assembly.

a cosmetics was born. It's like a brand's child was born, finally also need to register for the id card information. This is for the record, and through the record of our colleagues, inspection, the content of the corresponding information submitted to the state food and drug administration, waiting for the record by can.

want to produce a high quality cosmetics, is to undergo a lot of process, XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM/odm one-stop service, to provide you with high quality cosmetics experience, welcome customized processing.

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