Cosmetics OEM: may cause skin disease?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Drug regulatory department in the supervision and sampling inspection found a lot of face film products illegally added banned substances problems, problems super limited use sunscreen sunscreen products. At present, the cosmetics market variety, good and evil people mixed up, and throw out difficult points, individual illicit profiteers tend to have harm to the skin in order to effect and add the banned substances. When we use undeserved or makeup product quality has a problem, can cause skin diseases! So, in the face of things, and everyone still use and cherish! Here are from XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM manufacturers to introduce the common allergens and cosmetics what types of skin diseases! Common cosmetics allergy source spices, para-phenylene diamine, preservatives, pigment, emulsifier, sunscreen, antioxidant, antibacterial, etc. Cosmetic skin disease caused by type 1. irritant contact dermatitis. Often happens quickly, after contact with no individual differences, her lesions limited to contact area, has obvious pain or a burning sensation. A rash of erythema, edema, blisters, erosion. 2. Cosmetic allergic contact dermatitis. Is often called a 'cosmetics allergy', is an obvious individual differences, only occurred in an allergy to one or more of the following ingredients in cosmetics manufacturer. Characterized by erythema, papule, blisters, drainage, with itching. Often occur in the contact area, can also be due to local sensitization or degeneration necrosis absorption and appearance of extensive hair sex skin lesions. 3. Hormone dependence dermatitis. Hormone-dependent dermatitis, is a long-term external use dermatitis caused by cosmetics containing hormones. Hormones, such as chlorine times he SuoBing acid ester, long-term use can cause skin erythema, papules, acne, etc. Difficult to treat the disease over a long period. 4. Pigment cosmetic dermatitis. pigment spots caused due to slow, often overlooked, but tend to have serious influence on facial beauty. 5. Cosmetic quality decreased pigment spots. Some whitening, medicated cosmetics can cause skin pigment loss and even depigmentation, clinical easily misdiagnosed as pityriasis vitiligo or white. 6. light toxicity/photosensitive dermatitis. Some cosmetics containing toxic substances and photosensitivity light plant, after contact with skin and ultraviolet radiation, can cause skin erythema, papules, even blisters, erosion. 7. acne. Some cosmetics can cause wool bursa jams port machinery, hair follicle formed in the mouth anaerobic environment, make acne bacillus, the skin often spread to the entire face. 8. Foreign body granuloma. Agent by the lip and eyebrow tattoo or flocking skin caused by foreign body reaction, called a lip granuloma, eyebrow granuloma and flocking granuloma. Characterized by partial pruritus, erythema and nodules. Because cosmetics implanted into the skin dermis and subcutaneous tissue deep place, remove hard, so difficult to cure. skin disease prevention first, should pay attention to when choosing cosmetic ingredient. Some cosmetics in order to strengthen the spot, whitening effect and so on, may use mercury, arsenic and bleaching substances, should avoid to use. Skin sensitive unfavorable use cosmetics containing the composition such as mint, camphor, borneol, there are three kinds of cannot be used for facial preservatives: benzoic acid esters, urea formaldehyde, imidazoline urea. Second, according to their own skin, skin condition, age and so on, choose to suit their own cosmetics. If drying skin should choose to protect wet model cosmetics, oily skin should choose the clean class or matte cosmetics. Allergic skin should be test, once again, have any allergic reaction to use. Allergic skin before using a new kind of cosmetics, can daub a few after ear, first observed for 24 hours, no allergic reaction to use. Finally, don't easily change of cosmetics. Some cosmetics, such as hair, facial mask, do not use too much. And no matter what kind of cosmetic dermatitis, should stop using the suspicious of beauty cosmetics, timely remove makeup residue on the skin, the skin specialist in a timely manner to the hospital, so as to avoid aggravating illness. 【 OEM 】
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