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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM manufacturers share use of the effective methods to mask the < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 10 17:56:18 < / p> with the increase of air pollution, social pressure, cause the skin water oil balance, long blain, pore bulky, mask became a barrier to protect skin. There are many different kinds of mask and different mask also abound, but consumers don't know how to use to play the best efficacy of facial mask. Now's the time to follow cosmetics OEM manufacturers look small make up! Pay attention to the following points, can let the effect of get twice the result with half the effort! How to do can play the best effect of facial mask? OEM manufacturers think that should be pay attention in the following three aspects: 1, can be in face of the apply when wake up, before you go to bed, bath, because the three period of skin absorption capacity of the strongest. 2, apply face film, before you go to dead skin, dirt will face wash clean and to enhance the absorptive capacity of the skin; After washing a face with some water in a state of apply the mask, corneous layer water is full, this time to absorb the effect will be very good. Don't walk 3, apply face film, you'd better lie down. When apply the mask to best effect? Mask belong to product of instant effect, can say what time can see a very good effect. And if apply before you go to sleep at night, the effect will be better, this time should be the most relaxing time, and at night the skin absorption effect is best. Mud paste mask or cream mask really want to apply a thick layer of? This kind of mask to apply to a certain thickness, can make skin cut off from the air, the temperature rise of skin, can promote blood circulation, make the infiltration of nutrient better spread between cells. Warm environment and soften cutin, make the wool stoma expansion, make dirt inside the accumulation of eduction. The skin surface can't evaporated water will be retained in the surface layers, make water full skin luster. And if only is thin smear layer, these effects are not implemented.
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