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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM cosmetics manufacturer sharing method of easy steps to protect skin in the morning < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 18 18:03:44 < / p> beautiful time: 1 ~ 2 minutes gently clean skin, Wake up skin) A lot of people pay attention to clean skin and care skin at night, in fact, wenzhou cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer of small make up before too, but then listen to the company's engineers, said cleaning in the morning and the skin is also very important. Because after all night the skin metabolism, skin to produce a lot of oil and trash, and bed and pillow also has a lot of mite bug enroach on our skin, if it is not clear in time, can clog pores and cause skin problems. Cleaning in the morning need some weak acid, low foam or mild amino acid of amino acid cleanser, this kind of amino acid cleanser at the time of cleansing and does not harm the skin, gentle no stimulation. Beautiful time: 3 ~ 5 minutes + toner (face film paper Hydrating) After a night of metabolism of skin, skin moisture will surely loss, so it's important to give skin filling water. If you need to go to work, it is certainly not enough time to apply face film. Wenzhou processing said hydrating cosmetics manufacturer can use moisturizers, some moisturizing cream with hydrating function, after cleansing, with quality of a material is frivolous moisturizing cream daub skin, on a hot summer day won't feel uncomfortable. Massage skin beauty timing: 6 ~ 10 minutes ( Thorough skin swelling) Skin cleaning and hydrating process is done in the morning, we also need to maintain good complexion is ruddy, all day long so as to give the somebody else feel a full state of mind. processing to recommend three simple way: 1, cold towel massage method put wet towel on the refrigerator cold storage in the evening, take out the second day morning will twist dry, water with a towel apply is in facial ministry, and ears around the site, such doing can make vasoconstriction, shrink pores. 2, lymphatic drainage massage when use face cream can undertake appropriate massage, bottom-up gently guoquan, moderate strength. Oily skin cosmetics OEM manufacturer to tell you, friend, avoid to stimulate the sebaceous glands secretion, finally to do junction lymphatic drainage massage. 3, facial contour ascension will massage hands clenched, the jaw position with proper strength to temporal direction pressure, so to promote blood circulation, eliminate puffiness is very useful.
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