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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM manufacturers choose several problems that should be paid attention to < p> 2019 - 11 - 05 13:45:00 < / p> first, whether to have qualified production qualification certificate of the popular cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer must have a good reputation, qualified production qualification certificate is necessary. When choosing cosmetics production enterprise for processing, the first thing to consider is whether the manufacturers have cosmetics business qualification, and whether the period of validity expires, scope of business is consistent with cosmetics manufacturer raw material, these are the cooperation of the primary issue. Second, if there is a professional production workshop are interested in cooperation with cosmetics manufacturers customers must personally inspect the production workshop. Professional cosmetics manufacturers usually arrange product specialist in the production workshop, customers can pay attention to the workshop equipment is complete, the production line is complete, parts for normal operation of equipment, raw material is fresh, the division of Labour between professionals and employees is reasonable, etc. Third, whether to have good after-sales service for all walks of life today, good service is the main measure of enterprise advantages and disadvantages. For cosmetics manufacturers is not exceptional also, is there a good after-sales service tracking has caught the attention of the customer. Specific performance is cooperation after the telephone interviews with the customers, and accept customer's Suggestions and comments, in a timely manner to correct. While the cosmetic has become common in the life of the product, but can't have a careless in the choice, because it relates to the health of the skin and their own health. When choosing cosmetics manufacturers, therefore, must pay attention to the above three points, a good cosmetics manufacturer will bring a good commodity, and as consumers, they also hope to have long-term and stable cooperation. Therefore, you must choose carefully, so you can rest assured.
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