Cosmetics OEM manufacturers' 'after 90' cosmetics packaging what are the new trend?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
After the 90 population has gradually become the main force of cosmetics sales market, the major cosmetics brand are preempted China after 90 the consumer market of the younger generation. In now in an era of watch face, cosmetics OEM manufacturers have also hit the level of economic brand appearance, fluctuation full time is in cosmetics OEM product packaging. This year's upstream packaging market and what are the new trend? XJ, head of Beauty cosmetics OEM manufacturer in the process of shopping show found that in addition to a growing number of high-tech, packaging design features simplified become the new bright spot. In order to meet the '90 after' the young man 'languid is lazy, afraid of red tape' of the common characteristics, brand in the packaging of cosmetics is elaborative, innovate on detail of 'small opportunely' packaging. 1. Young people pay attention to the convenience of cosmetics OEM packaging for cosmetic appeal mainly functions to simplify, with many products are adored by young groups, such as the fire last year without makeup cream is 'one-click' products. He also said: 'after 90 the fast pace of life, their style is direct, afraid of trival, don't want to see the product complicated instructions, and hope that a product can solve all issues'. In addition, add a little 'small opportunely' in product are also means 'powder'. Some of the more 'smart' colour makeup is convenient to use, the cost of production and technical requirements are not particularly high. 2. Pay attention to quality, product packaging material design more tall XJ on guangzhou Beauty cosmetics OEM factory director found that in addition to pursue innovation, simple sense is packaging the direction of the merchants began to ascend. Major printing technology has swept gold, local excitation of convex, UV light oil, small cushion carving, embossing, LOGO, inverse like, etc. Among them, the inverse like process can produce grind arenaceous feeling and the sense of refraction of light, UV light oil can highlight the feeling of illustrations. This year advocate hit jade porcelain white glass, the shading sex higher than that of the other glass, this technology has become the company's patent, its advantage is to make the product appearance is more high-end packaging, production is also more environmentally friendly. 3. Break the homogeneity, creativity is a key to provide brand brand fresh design of derivatives g-town international co. , LTD. , general manager of Xu He tao said in an interview with the cosmetics business online, homogeneity is the cosmetics brand faces a big problem. Bay in order to break the barrier of the homogeneity, the Hague, introduce the concept of illustration, in order to increase the brand's uniqueness and texture. 'Brand homogeneity is too serious, if not find itself, will be submerged in the market. 'Guangzhou XJ relevant person in charge of Beauty cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer also said that now most brand requirements in design style is contracted, high-end. In his view, the frigid style was once very popular, many brands have followed suit. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM factory director also said that the brand wants to place in consumers' mind, also need to constantly update products, packaging in which the role is also key.
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