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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-12
OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer: toner wet apply open the right way to < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM manufacturer 07 - 05 18:31:17 just follow cosmetics OEM manufacturer < / p> small make up together to learn about the toner toner wet apply way! ! ! ! Toner is essential weapon we use to protect skin, a bottle of good toner price is not cheap, however, as with small make up learning a few home-made cosmetics OEM manufacturer bright skin water, natural formula and the effect of water embellish, must let you experience the better skin than toner on the market process. Bright skin water use: use toner, paper membrane with frozen ice therapy, shrink pores, containment, also prevent blackhead. Find a clean small dishes, put a paper film on the inside, slowly pour into toner, paper membrane water will slowly, after being paper membrane absorb enough water, put the dishes in the fridge. A moment later, the dish out and expand the frozen ice ice paper film, affixed to the face, write down the time, lie down, quietly after 15 minutes, remove the paper film, haven't absorb the toner will face with handle gently pat till fully absorbed. Toner wet apply correct open mode 1. What is the function of shi fu? Choose wet apply mainly to filling water, because the mask every day apply it will damage the skin, while the essence of molecular smaller toner can be used to apply every day. Shi fu can help soften horniness, help follow-up care product essence ingredients to better penetrate the skin. And recently the weather is dry, in the morning to spend a few minutes to a wet apply makeup, makeup will be more appropriate. 2. What kind of toner for shi fu? Shi fu's main purpose is to hydrate, and it is directly in contact with the skin, so choose bright skin water had better be mild nature, avoid some toner contains stimulating ingredients. So, bright skin water that contains the following components is not recommended for shi fu: high concentration of fruit acid, salicylic acid, volatile aldehydes, alcohols, essence, as well as the very high concentration alcohol and some allergic ingredients and so on. Oily skin advice can choose bright skin water that contains a little alcohol, while sensitive skin selected does not contain alcohol. Second, can choose according to their own needs function have some bright skin water, such as pores, whitening, etc. , suggestion is given priority to with filling water oh, as for other food additives, composition, do not have to consider. 3. How long does it take to apply shi fu? Shi fu, unlike apply face film, no mask so much essence, so apply face time is best for about 5 minutes oh, because if apply for too long can let the skin instead of evaporation. However, if you choose bright skin water quality of a material is thick and rich in nutrition, can apply for three minutes. 4. Shi fu when choosing a cotton pad or compressed facial mask? Shi fu can choose to use make up cotton or compressed facial mask, however, suggested that choose cotton pad. A lot of people think compressed facial mask to compare save trouble, a fix, but in fact, make up cotton apply during sex, degree of closed and absorptive capacity are better than compressed facial mask. The above content is cosmetics OEM manufacturer for sharing of information content, if you have the demand of the processing of cosmetics, may wish to contact us immediately!
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