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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM manufacturer to teach you to distinguish purchase formal cosmetics < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 08 15:52:18 < / p> what's the difference between fake and the real thing? How to accurately identify? Below small make up together and cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to polish eyes, don't be fake fool! ! ! A fake cosmetics in various locations, distinguish method 1, Hong Kong film and label in Hong Kong usually sell some cosmetics chain supermarket price on the label, with transparent film packaging, but also on their own logo items in it, and bring the mainland after to price confidentiality, often people will tear to items. But most are not good to tear, this will leave a mark on the goods. These shelves are once attended to sell goods. 2, Japanese fake goods has obvious wrong character 1) A lot of fakes have wrong character, such as & other; Tax & pull throughout; , only the Chinese could be so write this word, the Japanese to write this word is not to the point. 2) Packaging on all imports of Japanese goods will not appear in Chinese production date, never for Japanese goods production date, lot number only. 3) Through the conversion of yen price judgment is fake. Is quite different from is false. Second, CIQ discriminance stipulated by the state imported cosmetics will have CIQ logo, each after CIQ logo has a set of computer digital printing, after the CIQ signs off on the box, just as a commodity computer stenciling number will be automatically posted on the product alert. There is no CIQ signs of fakes and gray. Three, through cosmetics manufacturer packaging anti-counterfeiting mark to distinguish authenticity texture anti-counterfeiting labels, it is like a fingerprint, is to identify the basis of their identity. When consumer is buying the cosmetics, the product label and anti-counterfeiting system database in advance to make a collection, the serial number to register and store the picture file compare, can identify the authenticity of cosmetics. Four, through cosmetics instruction to watch a lot of fake cosmetics raw materials contain harmful or a potential harm to human body composition, such as spices, preservative, emulsifier, pigment, etc. , they have a strong irritating to the skin, therefore, can be achieved by manual authenticity. Five, the master & other; Five to see & throughout; Preliminary concluded that the stand or fall of cosmetics 1, see color. Nutrition classes or shampoo hair care cosmetics manufacturer, with lighter color, mostly white, yellow, pink, light blue, etc. 2, see presence of gases. Microbes can produce all kinds of gas in the process of growth. 3, whether cream is thin. generally contain starch, protein and fat. 4, the turbidity degree. Liquid cosmetics in microbial breeding cosmetics turbidity is not clear. 5, see its consistency. Will unqualified emulsion cosmetics such as shake, cosmetics, for lack of viscosity and flow faster, open the bottle cap downward inclined to make a small amount of liquid flow, the flow of liquid drop shaped; The qualified cosmetics should be a fine line.
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