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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM manufacturer: small sample and normal as cosmetics? < p > 2018 - cosmetics OEM manufacturer 07 - 05 18:29:17 < / p > wenzhou technology co. , LTD. Is a set of basic research, innovation, platform into an organic whole, in order to realize product innovation, technical services, scientific research institutes for the purpose of resources integration. Focus on & other; Plants throughout Chinese medicine extraction, & technology transformation of traditional Chinese medicine; For health care products, skin care products research and development and application, using rigorous scientific control system, ensure that each formula of security and stability. Our cosmetics OEM manufacturer to tell you, as the small kind, started to aim is for the product develop a consumer groups. So the quality of the samples were mostly will be like the normal specifications of the products. But recently on the Internet and television news reported frequently in small sample date and samples and quality goods itself is not the same? Whether this statement is true or false? Samples is really cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer of quality goods is not the same with us? , of course, now we have been given a large portion of small sample no tin foil products from the air, the small sample we should pay more attention to when to accept the appearance and smell, if discovery is unusual should immediately rejected. At the same time, the samples on the packaging production date we should also pay attention to. Don't blindly covet is cheap 'dirty' the merchant's trick. Than normal cosmetics, small kind, with its light easily and gradually accepted by consumers. Such small kind become MM people love away the most popular paraphernalia.
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