Cosmetics OEM manufacturer: reveal cosmetics production process those things for you?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10

most of the female friend of cosmetics manufacturer is like the palm of his hand, but the process of cosmetics do you know how much again? The making process of the protect skin to taste is a very complex process, the next XJ by cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer Beauty: reveal cosmetics production process those things for you?

the first step,

in the production workshop ingredients, mixing, homogeneous, then pour material into the reaction pot, general cosmetics manufacturer probably need two or three pot, mainly to see the scale of production; The main functions of the cauldron is stirring, principle is according to the formula tuned by uniform mixing raw materials, homogeneous, probably like making a cake, just don't need this step fermentation.

since all cosmetics are emulsification, so to oil and water two large raw material after mixing can be mixed respectively, then whipped pipeline through homogeneous, which is of high speed stirring and shearing, mixed evenly. Can add after mixing all kinds of active substances and essence, and finally can out of the pot, the next step is to wait for filling into the little bottle, like a beautiful cake baking after waiting for the packing process.

the second step,

filling from probably can understand the principle of the literal meaning, is to mix good body infuse into the bottle container canister, quantitatively according to different packaging category, filling production line will be different. Before filling the packing material ready, line up one after another, so that you can HuLuLu into production line, the whole process of some of them are fully automated, to workers in the next to look at some of them. After filling bottles can be in the box, then the packaging boxes.

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