Cosmetics OEM manufacturer production product packaging: why do you want to mark QS?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
For cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturers for the production of product packaging shall be marked with QS. 'QS' on behalf of the quality and safety market access system, then the QS logo position, size, and color have any requirements? We often see in a lot of product packaging QS logo, as cosmetics OEM products, the packaging shall be marked with QS. So what is the meaning of QS logo and what is the legal significance? For QS logo mark what does it require and small make up together and have a look! What is a QS mark 'QS' is the abbreviation of English QualitySafety, namely, the quality and safety market access system. QS logo was issued by the license issuing organ or tissue, and must be through a series of evaluation, evaluation procedure, allowed to rear can use. Legal basis cosmetics industry formally implement QS food industry ( Food sweat began full implementation of the 2002) Night, it was not until 2005 that the official start of the implementation of the legal basis is the decree of the State Council no. 440 regulations on the administration of the production license of the People's Republic of China and general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine to no. 80 'measures for the implementation of the production license management regulations of the People's Republic of China. In 2009, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine on amending the law of the People's Republic of China on industrial products production license management measures for the implementation of regulations of the decision, for the industrial products production license of the People's Republic of China management measures for the implementation of regulations for change, back to the original QS logo on the 'quality and safety of' for 'production license', in the law to avoid mislead consumers, it shows that products just state allows QS logo on the production, but does not guarantee that the cosmetics OEM OEM and food enterprise product quality is absolutely safe. QS sign the legal meaning of 1, endorsed the QS certification on behalf of the state for the cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturers have food and cosmetics production conditions, to allow the legal production of cosmetics or food cosmetics OEM manufacturers. This represents for QS certification of cosmetics OEM enterprise with world production capacity. 2, get the QS certification of cosmetics manufacturer OEM OEM and food enterprise, national into key management, forcing the cosmetics OEM processing factory inspection system, without inspection or after inspection unqualified food, cosmetics factory sales are not allowed. Therefore, national regulators can effectively held the cosmetics OEM OEM enterprise product quality and safety and food. QS mark the location of the specific location without strict requirements, are generally required to print on the inner or outer packing, specification, don't have to open the packing should be consumers can identify the signs of the basic criterion. QS logo size and color of the QS logo color to blue color, the letter 'Q' and 'production license' four Chinese words in blue, the letter 'S' is white. OEM manufacturers must, in accordance with the measures for the implementation of 'production license management regulations' in the implementation of standard design, can zoom in or out. Should not standard pattern to change or modify.
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