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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
For skin care and maintenance are women's work, for the correct skin care steps believe that the girls are familiar, but for his own use of maintain article is made up of what, probably knows a second, cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer for everybody roughly introduces the composition of the general cosmetics raw materials! 1. Water in the water common cosmetic ingredients basic occupied more than 70%, in the whole composition generally identified in general will be marked as water. Water is no longer a simple additive, and now it is endowed with more functions. One of the most representative is the glacier water, green tea, etc. ; People are more and more emphasis on the importance of water. 2. Composition of oily oily ingredients can prevent loss of skin moisture, representative components have grease class ( Olive oil, camellia oil, etc. ) Wax ( Jojoba oil, palm wax) Class, senior oil ( Stone more fatty acid, etc. ) Senior class, ethanol ( Cetyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, etc. ) Class, hydrocarbon ( Squalene, etc. ) Class, ester ( Isopropyl, etc. ) , silicon, etc. 3. Surfactants to the composition of oil and water mix. Surfactants is can make the oil and water soluble component, is the sebum and dirt removing dissolved in the water when the indispensable. Made of water and oil blend in cosmetics containing surfactants, such as emulsion and cream. Surfactants will play to dissolve oil, mix with water effect, also can let the skin naturally moist composition on the surface of the dissolved away, if you use too much, the skin will become rough. Surfactants, however, can be divided into different types, the intensity of stimulation to the skin also each are not identical. In addition, the skin itself also has a natural semblance of surfactants, it will sebum and water emulsion so as to protect the skin. 4. Moisturizing factor, polyol in terms of cosmetics moisturizing ingredients, and can generally be divided into two types: hydrophilic and lipophilic and hydrophilic moisturizing factor is water soluble, including glycerin, collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 can absorb moisture, let corneous layer to maintain moisture, in simple terms, the hydrophilic moisturizing ingredients, is responsible for the skin filling water work, composition, and hydrophilic is plays the role of water, can form a protective film in the skin, reduce the rate of moisture loss, such as: jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, etc. 5. Although polymer used in cosmetics of polymers can be classified from different angles, but the most widely used method is to put them into three categories: exists in the nature of natural polymer, through to chemical processing of natural polymer to produce half a synthetic polymer, and through the production of synthetic polymer monomer synthesis. Polymers are mainly used for adjusting elements viscosity or maintain product safety. 6. Is the chief component of whitewash type cosmetics manufacturer pigment pigment. The pros and cons of pigment, depends on the covering power of pigment and fastness. Cosmetic pigments used in general can be divided into: synthetic organic pigments, inorganic pigments, animal and plant natural pigment and pearl pigment. Synthetic organic pigments, covering capacity, tinting strength is strong, widely used in lipstick and rouge, whitewash type cosmetics manufacturer; Inorganic pigments, brilliance and color tinting strength is poorer, but the light fastness is strong, not easy to cause allergic phenomenon, the use of safe coefficient is big, used for foundation cream and eye shadow powder; Natural pigment, mostly from plant petals, leaves and a small number of insects, due to the natural pigment tinting strength and poor light fastness and resource problems, and make it is restricted in the cosmetics, relatively stable and common resources have cochineal glycosides, safflower glucoside, citric yellow, rose, etc. , these are valuable resources in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; Shining pearl pigment, luster pigments known as pearl pigment, mainly have scales and mica, used in nail polish, eye shadow powder, powder and lip balm. 7. Preservative preservatives in addition to the anticorrosion also contains antibacterial function, maintain product contains many nutrients, in order to don't let these nutrients bacteria, maintain article metamorphic corruption, a preservative in maintain article, inhibit the growth of bacteria in generation, avoiding the phenomenon of cosmetics produced metamorphic and maintaining freshness and persistance. Some preservative ingredient has cancer-causing potential, and cause skin allergy. 8. Spice common allergens are spices, preservatives in cosmetics and hair dye. Which flavor is the most common cause of cosmetics allergy composition, eczema patients cosmetic allergic reaction occurs, 30% ~ 45% are caused by cosmetics fragrance. Flavor is the soul of cosmetics, is also the most likely to cause adverse reactions. Used, experts say, due to confidentiality, cosmetics manufacturer of spices is absolutely won't open, so consumers before buying couldn't know whether I will be allergic to the cosmetic use of spices. 9. Functional materials this is cosmetics company in the together the most promotional advertising and cosmetic whitening, acne removing, anti-wrinkle effect and so on are by functional materials. After all not medicine cosmetics, functional ingredients to add quantity is kept within a certain range, generally not too much. Based mainly in skin care products contain ingredients is roughly nine most of the above. The nine categories, we need to pay attention to the interface active agent, pigment and preservatives. Guangzhou XJ focused Beauty cosmetics research and development and production, our products with other ordinary cosmetics is the biggest difference between natural ingredients, safe without side effects, for the human body harmful substances is resolutely put an end to.
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