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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
Also back to whiten skin cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturer to teach you step 3 < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturer 08 - 13 17:59:27 < / p> summer is the season of girls love and hate, because can go to play water in summer, can wear jacket shorts, show off their good figure. But will certainly be sunburn in summer, go out with is prevented bask in various ways, is sometimes able to withstand the ultraviolet (uv) light. Wenzhou cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer of small make up teach you how to deal with the skin after sunburn. 1, 3 hours after the sun: soothing calm the first thing to make the skin after sunburn cool down as soon as possible. Even if there is no obvious damage, also want to will the skin rapid cooling and soothing. processing enterprise technology research and development center engineer said, if there is no soothes and repair skin, so skin spots, fine lines and easy off color. Method: to use ice compress in sunburn place, also can wash with water, then water, wet towel with cosmetic cotton wet apply in sunburn, such can relieve skin hot feeling. 2, 3 - after sun 6 hours: supplement water rescue sunburn skin cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturer in wenzhou engineer said technology research and development center, skin after exposure to moisture loss, naturally causing redness, peeling and dryness and peeling symptoms. So, is the key to save the skin filling water. Give sunburn skin filling water with a mild moisturizing products without stimulus, effective moisture to skin, give skin moist for a long time. No stimulation for moderate moisturizing products, you can use a cullinan tea enzyme muscle water activity, more effective hydrating, skin repair more thoroughly, gentle no stimulation. Methods: every 2 hours in parts of sunburn with toner, toner best refrigeration, so be addition to repair sunburn skin. 3, within 3 days after drying, whitening skin, and restore stability and health, can whitening. Melanin in three days after the sun will precipitate, therefore has to be whitening the skin. Methods: for whitening cosmetics OEM manufacturer of small make up recommend skincare and daily a good habit, dual maintenance, come back to whiten. Can be used for facial skin care products side essence, the essence of molecular grain of the smallest, the strongest permeability, and can direct muscle bottom, nourishing whitening the skin. Parts of the body can use whitening body lotion and so on. In addition, in each of the skin care process, also cannot lack moisture
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