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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM cosmetics manufacturer: large cosmetics industry in China in 2018 - the < p> cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 07 - 18 10:39:04 < / p> cosmetics OEM manufacturers know China international peak BBS by cosmetics related government attaches great importance to the regulatory authorities. Guangdong food and drug supervision and management of the deputy chief of the army hong tian, national drug supervision and administration of drug registration silean celebrate bin, deputy director of cosmetics, health food review center bao-jun liu director, director of guangdong food and drug administration Guo Changmao, wenzhou city food and drug administration hong-bing li health food cosmetics supervision department director and other national, provincial, municipal food drug safety leaders attended the peak BBS. Conference, guangdong food and drug supervision and management of the army hong tian, vice director of cosmetics to learn to learn in order to promote the cosmetics industry in guangdong province to promote the development of science and technology, discipline construction, the integration of production, study and innovation of the lead affirm, and highly appraise for peak BBS. In the peak BBS & other; Authority to release & throughout; Link, the state drug administration drug is changed to bin, deputy director of the said registration silean, accompanied by cosmetics OEM manufacturer to the people's growing demand for a better life, continuously introduce new technologies, new materials industry, this will be a new challenge for the cosmetics supervision department, regulators should focus on both and decentralization, to encourage industry innovation at the same time, it requires beforehand strengthening supervision after the event. The peak BBS guidance units in guangdong province, deputy secretary of science and technology association, vice chairman mulier. learning form data: concepts, points out that China's cosmetics industry developed towards greening, diversification, has a broad market prospect. At the same time, his host of peak BBS cosmetics society of guangdong province had high hopes, looking forward to learn in innovative applications and information, technology, talent, etc, to give industry a new force. As China's international cosmetics peak BBS organizers, cosmetics association of guangdong province zhi-yun du professor pointed out that in recent years, along with society economy high-speed development, China's cosmetics industry to the rapid growth of the cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer is the size of the market has more than 400 billion yuan, guangdong manufacturing but also occupy half of China's cosmetics industry, wenzhou baiyun district alone more than 1000 cosmetics manufacturing companies. These data suggest that our cosmetic industry manufacturing capability is very strong, industry concentration degree is high, the market capacity is very large. Since cosmetics & other; The joining together of two card & throughout; Since then, the hardware condition of cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers, production standards, standardized consciousness, etc all have greatly improved. However, our product technology innovation, brand, customer satisfaction, etc. , still there is a great gap compared with international brands. How to strengthen the innovation ability of Chinese cosmetics, and how to build Chinese cosmetics brand image, how to improve China's international competitiveness, cosmetics has been China cosmetic industry colleagues common thinking and are trying to solve the problem.
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