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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM cosmetics manufacturer editrice VZE mask group virtual try makeup function < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM manufacturer 08 - 17 09:22:23 < / p> cosmetics OEM manufacturers learn French VZE group will rely on March this year to buy Canadian beauty makeup ModiFace AR (digital technology company Virtual reality) Virtual test technology, introduced in the light of consumer makeup application, and implanted into Facebook, so as to further promote the sales of online and social media channels. VZE mask group chief digital officer mira Rochet said: & other; Consumers in the heart of the virtual test makeup to try to change wait for a variety of experience. The idea is through ModiFace technology group, from concept to consumer products brand of face film, and make them able to seamlessly, and click the buy products, to direct traffic to the e-commerce sites of the brand. Everybody likes on Facebook and sets a social platform to scan, we hope to offer as much consumer interesting and vivid on the experience. ” He emphasized: & other; Consumers in the form of entertaining and educational found that our brand is very important, this is we cooperate with retailers effort for many years. ” Giant VZE group announced on Thursday, France face film, has with the United States social networking company Facebook signed a long-term cooperation agreement. May, VZE group in the third session of the emerging digital Technology trade show Viva Technology focused on Paris shows a number of the latest scientific and technological innovation projects, including developing and ModiFace AR Technology, virtual test makeup VZE will log in the domestic market in the near future. The latest fashion, according to the survey data in domestic VZE mask to become the most anticipated product 3. 。 Virtual test makeup will eventually sets a photo sharing social networking platform on Facebook's launch. OEM manufacturers understand Facebook has said that by the end of July, have begun to test AR technology in web advertising, its retailers including: sephora beauty chain retailers ( Sephora) And American fashion group, Michael Kors, and so on. In addition, VZE mask group are negotiating cooperation with other partners is similar.
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