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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM cosmetics manufacturer introduces a skin whitening agent mechanism < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 07 - 21 09:39:00 < / p> cosmetics OEM manufacturers in the early of this process can inhibit melanin another active substance is sea lilies extracts. It has been proved that the active substances can inhibit is called before the black element (o POMC) Hormones, and also has a whitening effect. Inhibition of black pigment is necessary before, because the hormone will be converted into & alpha; - - - - - - MSH( Melanocyte stimulating hormone) And the subsequent to the melanin cell membrane receptor binding, stimulate melanin reaction. Has the inhibition of alfa - The ability of MSH an active matter is resveratrol. There is also important factor formed by cutin cell secretion, and increases the generation of dendritic crystal and melanin formation of stem cell factor ( 自洽场) And endothelin - 1. Through the use of resveratrol reduce stem cell factors, Daisy, BELLIS PERENNIS) Flower extract inhibits endothelin - 1. It's important to remember that, inflammation, and reactive oxygen species ( ROS) Leads to the formation of spots, because they will produce melanin. Published studies have shown that using red myrrh alcohol can effective whitening. About the inhibition of reactive oxygen species, vitamin C ( Ascorbic acid) Between the hydroquinone and comparison results show that vitamin C has better effect. OEM manufacturers want to emphasize is another effective active matter: nicotinamide. In the study of patients with chloasma, compared with contains 4% hydroquinone, it show the same effect. Nicotinamide can inhibit called PMEL - 17 glycoprotein, the glycoprotein involved in the generation of melanin. When the concentration of 4%, when using nicotinamide has potent whitening effect. As we have seen cosmetics OEM manufacturer, almost without using a single mechanism to develop a whitening products. We need to study all of the available technology, and evaluate the mechanism of action of each different. This will allow us to make more efficient products, and to provide evidence for the marketing team, with attractive marketing claims, in order to increase sales.
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