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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer introduces a skin whitening agent < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 07 - 21 09:37:14 < / p> in active whitening mechanism, cosmetics OEM manufacturers to specifically oligopeptide - 34, it is called melanin correlation factor ( MITF) The ability of the important transcription factors. MITF responsible for tyrosine and other essential enzymes of the process of melanin synthesis. Previously, can be used in the treatment of macular actives is famous as a tyrosinase inhibitor, such as: kojic acid and arbutin. Inhibit tyrosinase is effective whitening method, because this can reduce the melanin of cascade process. However, many of the existing products on the market have been adopted by this concept, in order to stand out from competition, product requires more than one mechanism. At present, there are more than 20 different mechanism and the active content can be used for skin whitening cosmetics manufacturer. In a product that includes all mechanism and the active matter is a complex task, but you can add some of them. Added in the sunscreen whitening agent is a kind of effective treatment methods, but most companies do not do so. Imagine a whitening night cream product contains five active whitening ingredients and the activity of more than five kinds of sunscreen. This will provide 10 different active matter and many different mechanism of action, and compared with the mechanism of a single product, greatly increases the chances of success. When we cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer consider the raw material suppliers of the options available on the market, research and development team know only add an activity to increase product sales. Although hydroquinone is a kind of excellent whitening agent, used in cosmetics which is banned in many countries, however, so we cosmetics OEM manufacturers are always looking for alternatives to have equal effect.
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