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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM manufacturer: how to choose suits own lotion? < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM manufacturer 07 - 04 17:56:58 < / p> the following will be easy for everybody by cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer analysis about how to choose suits own emulsion. Cold winter, isn't it feel very dry skin, protect skin to taste is little not right now, especially the hydrating products, so many enterprises are looking for cosmetics factory processing hydrating emulsion, ensure that the market demand. So the question comes, for an enterprise, how to find good hydrating emulsion processing factory? Choose a good cosmetics manufacturer OEM factory generation processing is one of the key to the success of its own brand operation, but when you face a flood, feel do not know how to start, I don't know how to choose? Don't worry no hurry, cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer of small make up today will give you some dry, teach you how to choose suitable to protect skin to taste. Hydrating lotion contains such emulsion water content is higher, and contains special ingredients, can let the water rapidly infiltrate into deep skin, and is not easy to evaporate, make the skin moisture content in a relatively stable state. This is also a common emulsion types, its practical value is very high, almost suitable for all type of skin of women. Nourishing lotion if skin ageing phenomenon began to appear, might as well use has a nourishing effect of latex products. Its characteristic is to be able to better promote skin to absorb nutrients, such as vitamin A and collagen, can effectively delay skin aging, to prevent wrinkles is also very good, so this kind of emulsion is suitable for older women. Repair lotion contains this kind of emulsion similar to the effect of beauty cream, mild nature, it contains rich ursolic acid, ellagic acid and other special ingredients, can effectively repair damaged skin, boost skin luster and vitality, can also play a whitening effect is often used. However, the special composition of this kind of emulsion is easily oxidized, if not careful preservation, it is easy to lose the use value. Moisturizing lotion moisturizing lotion is a type of widely used, its main function is to keep the moisture of the skin, therefore more suitable for skin health of women. The above content is cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturers to talk about the content of the information, such as cosmetics processing requirements, may wish to contact us immediately!
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