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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM manufacturer has import and export goods customs clearance policy changes < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer 08 - 07 17:38:53 < / p> in 2018, according to the General Administration of Customs announcement, no 60 since August 1, 2018 will enforce the new law of the People's Republic of China customs import and export goods customs declaration fill the specification '. From August 1, all cities across the country to switch to the new customs declaration, customs declaration, inspection declaration sheet will be combined into a customs declaration form. According to customs latest deployment, 31 July 23 solstice, local customs has three times close fusion test run. Enterprise is allowed to declare to the customs for pilot cities, you can use the new customs declaration inspection business after fusion. On July 23, Beijing, tianjin customs; Beginning on July 25, shijiazhuang, Hohhot, Shanghai, nanjing, wenzhou, huangpu, shenzhen, nanning, chongqing, urumqi and ningbo 11 cities; On July 27, other cities throughout the country. One engaged in cross-border logistics industry for many years, a senior expert told billion state power, both for general trade and cross-border electricity, the most intuitive effect customs inspection after the merger is faster. Because if the integration of the inspection process, the customs inspection process, enterprise in a single window platform companies can feel the obvious time compression and trade convenience. Including cosmetics OEM manufacturer know, simplify the key is in the process of application projects: the original customs declaration, inspection declaration, a total of 229 declaration merge down to 105, unified the country, Region) , ports, such as monetary eight original customs declaration, inspection declaration consists of a code, including seven adopt national standard code or establish corresponding relationship with the national standard. To simplify the customs will integrate import declaration for the attached documents, the original customs declaration, inspection declaration, 74 item of the attached documents merged into 10, 102 regulatory documents combined reduced to 64. In addition, merger of customs inspection, customs declaration system and QP ( QuickPass: fast customs/clearance system) Use the client may produce change. In the past, customs declaration end for a single window ( Customs clearance) &ldquo仍然; Internet + customs & throughout; And QP, inspection and quarantine declaration for a single window ( Inspection declaration) , the9, prudential and rongping, now close inspection after fusion of a unified system for a single window and & other Internet + customs & throughout; 。
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