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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM cosmetics manufacturer has analyzed how to choose fat sex skin cosmetics < p> cosmetics OEM manufacturer - 2018 07 - 09 10:36:25 < / p> oily skin should use what kind of skin care products? Let's fine processing cosmetics OEM manufacturer of small make up and everybody to learn together! 80% of the oily skin water scarcity needless to say, need to prepare the first step is oily skin hydrating protect skin to taste, of course you can choose some frivolous quality lotion or gel products, this kind of quality of a material to protect skin to taste for oily skin have good close skin. Never use a thick cream products. Hyaluronic acid composition of skincare products are very suitable for oily skin crowd, hyaluronic acid is recognized in the modern literature of the best moisturizing ingredients. According to the study of OEM brand cosmetics manufacturer, 1 g of hyaluronic acid can absorb 6000 g of water ( 6000 times the moisturizing ability) 。 Hyaluronic acid on at the same time, to shine again quickly to replenish the sebum membrane water in great quantities, as soon as possible to achieve the effect of the cleanness not greasy. Make the skin to remove dirt and excess oil while can fully control their own grease and moisture skin, effectively prevent loss of moisture, lock the skin moisture, inhibit oil secretion. Hyaluronic acid is the body's natural ingredients, and is not easy to be affected by ambient temperature change, is safe and effective, is the most easily absorbed and not allergic moisturizing ingredients. Oily skin can use the essence? On hearing the essence to protect skin to taste, oily MM people probably will deter! Is that essence gives the impression of is product of high concentration, thick feeling strong, oily skin may clog pores. Oily skin need to pay attention to when choose essence products, resembles choose emulsion, on the one hand, on the quality of a material, choose the essence of smooth texture, than with the essence of the thick type is more suitable for oily skin. Hydrating mask cannot little a lot of oily skin MM when doing maintenance into such a misunderstanding, only use oil-control products. In fact, once a week hydrating mask is a good way to relieve the skin give oil. Before using the deep cleaning products, suggest you use some hydrating mask as well. Oily skin MM let them headache most is how to choose suitable to protect skin to taste.
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