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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM manufacturer editrice Han Guoai jasmine event in < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM manufacturer 07 - 10 15:12:37 < / p> cosmetics OEM manufacturer parsing, Korean food and pharmaceuticals safety hall has published 13 kinds of heavy metal & other; Antimony & throughout; Excessive amounts of species including cosmetics, Han Guoai jasmine Pacific brands yidi rita's house and love concealer, block defect rods, eyebrow pencil, festive skin brand cherry labial line pen, etc. OEM cosmetics manufacturer know, illegal products are made by the same south Korean cosmetics foundries around January 2018 production. Korean food pharmaceuticals safety said ginger in zhuhai, we will through the field investigation, understand the cause of the related products of heavy metal exceeds bid, will also take other necessary measures, if necessary. Currently Han Guoai jasmine in the Pacific and other cosmetics companies have full stop sales of related products and recycling heavy metal antimony, and return, a refund. According to know, cosmetics OEM manufacturer related products has yet to officially circulation in overseas markets. regulations, standard system, raw material and product management, sales package and label, registration and filing, production management, quality management, sales management, factory necessary, comprehensive and authoritative ( Look at the author) In June 2018, 12 limited release
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