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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM manufacturer introduces a local development gap < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 08 - The consumption growth of 5%. Under the background of consumption upgrade, small cosmetic has become a big business. Although looked from the overall market share, domestic cosmetics & other; Counter attack & throughout; Trend. But in the high-end market, foreign investment and the imported cosmetics is obvious advantage. The Ministry of Commerce released at the end of may the main consumer goods supply and demand survey analysis report, according to the family income of consumers are more than 20000 yuan to buy imported goods. Imported goods consumption which accounts for more than thirty percent of the total consumption of commodities among consumers, buy top five cosmetics ( 1%) , maternal and child supplies ( 4%) Clocks and watches, glasses ( 9%) , passenger cars, 3) Jewelry (%, 7%) 。 2% of consumers said, buy cosmetics the most attention to quality. Good policy is also good for imported cosmetics. 9%. “ Reduced tariffs to imports of cosmetics in the Chinese market more competitive. Imported cosmetics, in particular, in the next few years is expected to continue to maintain the 30% to 40% growth. ” Kay degree of consumer price index, general manager of greater China YuJian said. OEM cosmetics manufacturer, whether an enterprise can keep continuous innovation, whether to have their own living system, whether to have the real technical strength to support the marketing, decided to it all, is its development power inevitably.
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