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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM cosmetics manufacturer analysis enterprise how to do legal compliance < p> cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer - 2018 07 - 19 10:49:34 < / p> cosmetics OEM manufacturers according to the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' and other relevant laws and regulations, shall practise a system of production license for cosmetics production enterprises in China, is engaged in cosmetics production issued by the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative departments shall obtain food cosmetics production license, the enterprises engaged in cosmetics production premises, equipment, facilities and production must be in accordance with scope of cosmetics category, beyond production cosmetics as an unlicensed production behavior, has not obtained the cosmetics production license of the enterprise in the production of cosmetics manufacturer, without authorization, according to the provisions of the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' article 24, shall be ordered to make the enterprise production, product and illegal income confiscated, and may be fined not more three to five times the illegal income. OEM manufacturers for education, dyeing, perm, hair removal, breast beauty, fitness, deodorant, spot, sunscreen cosmetics for special, must be approved by the state food and drug supervision and administration department, obtained the approval rear can production. Special use cosmetics formula change, need to apply again according to the new product approval. Special-use cosmetics detected approved ingredient composition, outside the approved ingredients or not detected, belongs to the cosmetics OEM factory production enterprises without authorization, change the behavior of the product formula, according to the provisions of article 25 of 'cosmetic health supervision regulations', the production has not obtained the special use cosmetics, the approval document number of products and the illegal income confiscated and fines of three to five times the illegal income. And can instruct the enterprise production or revoke the cosmetics production license. Strict industry regulation is an inevitable trend, the relevant departments of the increasingly stricter supervision, government departments are better to perform the regulatory functions, promoting the development of cosmetics enterprises orderly specification. Under stricter regulatory system, cosmetics production enterprises how to avoid a minefield, especially under the New Deal how do legal compliance, improve enterprise competitiveness? market in China as the world's biggest emerging markets, in just 20 years, China's cosmetics industry since the childhood, from weak to strong, gradually formed a certain scale and dynamic industry, but the quality of the cosmetic safety issues are also increasingly prominent. 2017 annual guangdong light regulatory agencies at all levels received complaints to report 10223 cosmetics, increase year after year, 4 years almost seven times. safety directly affects the quality of people's physical and mental health.
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