Cosmetics OEM license transaction process: do you know how to deal with cosmetics co-packer business license is?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
With the development of era, the development of cosmetic industry in recent years very rapidly, many cosmetics brands are not eligible for cosmetics production, so all co-packers for cosmetics, so deal with a make-up co-packer business license process is? Do you know? XJ focused Beauty cosmetics OEM more than 20 years, has the rich experience, let us know.

1, the company's business license or individual business license.

2, type of company business license can be in mainland China, also can be in Hong Kong or foreign company's business license.

3, the scope of business license must include the cosmetics manufacturer business. For example, if the business license is used only for clothing business, not for cosmetics trademark registration and related business.

4, if you don't have a business license, you can find local agent registered company to register your company's business license. Cost about 2000 yuan. You can also apply for the company's business license registration, only a few days to complete the entire process, about 1000 yuan, the time is about 15 working days.

cosmetic labeling requirements: trademarks for the brand. If you have no current trademark, must have the business license to register your trademark. You can find the local trademark registration company to register the trademark. - cost about 1500 yuan - - - - - - 2000 yuan, for about 20 working days. Use the trademark, you can sign a contract with cosmetics after processing and production of cosmetics brand.

as a result, to be a cosmetics brand, you just need to apply for the business license of the company, the registered trademark, and sign a contract with suppliers to complete three procedures.

there is a good brand cosmetics, don't just find oh cosmetics factory, cosmetics factory otherwise looking bad, you make timely product may be unqualified. You must have the company's business license and cosmetics brand, entrust cosmetics factory processing. XJ Beauty welcome you to visit our cosmetics generation process qualification, our professional focus again.

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