Cosmetics OEM legal risk aversion

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
According to the cosmetic regulations and practical operation, the processing cosmetics enterprises can from the following several aspects to circumvent the risk of OEM generation of processing law: 1, cosmetics generation of processing enterprises should hold the production license, in its production license within the scope of the authorized, quality of commissioned the production of cosmetics safety responsibility according to law. 2, cosmetics and processing enterprise shall in accordance with the law and to the commissioned production contract, clearly entrusted scope, the rights and obligations of both sides, entrust production time limit shall not exceed the cosmetics production license, industrial and commercial business license is valid. 3, in the generation of labor contracts, shall require the client to the delegate is responsible for the quality and safety of production of cosmetics, and require the client to provide legal cosmetics enterprise or legally effective cosmetics production license; Commissioned production of special use cosmetics, the also should be the cosmetics manufacturer for record; Commissioned in the production of special use cosmetics, the client should also is the cosmetics registration certificate holder. 4, if the production of cosmetics raw material, direct contact with cosmetic containers and packaging materials, cosmetics and processing enterprise shall require the client to provide raw materials, containers and packaging materials, and must be for the client to provide the raw material inspection, in order rear can put into production. 5, cosmetics manufacturer and processing enterprise shall, in accordance with the production batch number, ask the supplier to have qualification issued by the inspection agency inspection reports, or signed or sealed by the supplier inspection report copy. 6, cosmetics and processing enterprise shall, in accordance with the already registered or put on record production formula and technology requirements of organizations, establish and implement the system of cosmetic production management and production records, keep outbound records, product formula, raw materials and finished products are weighing records, batch production records, packaging records, post operation records and technical process of each key control point monitoring records, etc.
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