Cosmetics OEM: hydrating products have these essence ingredients do you use?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
Active ingredients you use hydrating products are these? Right now is the hot summer, whether friends have already can't wait to bask in the circle of friends a wave? As long as hydrating work done, water embellish skin despise facial camera can be completed. generation of processing small make up today to talk about filling water those things! Skin the cause of the shortage of water is related to many factors: 1. Related with the age growth as the growth of the age, skin cell water capacity will gradually diminish, sebum secretion will also drop, causing dry skin. 2. And associated with changes of environment temperature drops, the secretion of sebum and sweat will be sharply reduced. Dry air can make the skin's moisture evaporates faster, the skin become drier, at the same time also will weaken the resistance. Indoor temperature is too high, also can cause skin moisture evaporates quickly. 3. Related to health often work overtime to stay up late, lack of sleep and tired, when human body health out of balance, metabolism of skin cell lose energy, easy to dry, rough skin. Product introduction moisture essence deep penetration easily mix skin, improve skin moisture reserve force, make the skin always show tender Gao Ze. Coenzyme quintessence liquid supplement moisture and nutrition, give skin smooth, silky texture, improve skin water embellish, make skin more smooth filling water, bursts are healthy young luster. Water massage gel carry bright color of skin, whitening and moisturizing and repairing, strengthen the skin natural protection, moisturizing, moisturizing, lasting water embellish nourish, make the skin delicate, tender luster. Rose honey water refreshing formula, contain rose ( ROSA RUGOSA) Floral water, nourish water embellish, pure and fresh and clean skin, moisture, improve skin texture, skin by inside and outside is pure and fresh and bright, smooth. Fresh water to protect wet water embellish not non-greasy formula, injection of a large number of moisture, nutrients for the skin, awaken the tired skin, 24 hour uninterrupted moisture, make skin keep fresh water embellish position for a long time. Jade-like stone white nourish activating water purify skin whitening, effectively improve dark, moisturizing hydrating, activate skin cells. Daub type water GuangZhen deep moisture, will be a lot of small molecule hyaluronic acid and nutrient solution into the subcutaneous: repair damaged cells stimulate collagen regeneration. Shrink pores, improve skin inflammation, improve sagging face firming flabby skin to make skin bright white and soft. Water field water nourishes the clap moisture nourish skin, improve dull yellow gas, help activate the skin, balance oil secretion, rich natural moisturizing factor, at the same time improve coarse skin, make skin fine luster. Balance PH can live water pure natural plant extract, can further clean facial skin, soften the skin cutin, and keep clear of dead skin cells, control oil, balance PH value, shrink pores, to facilitate better nutrition and moisture absorbed by skin, lock the skin cells of natural moisturizing factor, provide skin with moist and tender highly moisturizing, make facial skin luster. Acne removing the oil balance water calm and accuse oil ingredients, can calm inflamed acne skin, balance oil secretion, improve the face oily gloss phenomenon, relaxed and bright and clean skin. The last note with a hydrating mask, drink water more, pay more attention to maintenance, sure you can have a young beautiful beautiful skin! Meimei dalai! 【 XJ Beauty cosmetics contract 】
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