【 Cosmetics OEM 】 How to remove the fat granule

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
Adipose bead around the eyes? Adipose bead is destroying the girls eye charm, looks like a white goose pimples, piling up around the eye, though he couldn't see, but also can feel very uncomfortable, how to eliminate adipose bead bloom perfect skin? Must first clear, protect skin to taste is too greasy, overnutrition reason produces adipose bead, etc. We must pay attention to the eye skin clean at ordinary times, if their normal excretion and absorption, might as well increase the number of chamfer. Here, today we XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM small make up to bring you several methods to remove the eye ministry is adipose bead, learning together! 1. The correct use of skin care products to select the correct skin care products: diagnosis of your skin type, and then select the suitable for their skin type of skin care products. Generally grow adipose bead is fat metabolism ability more poor weak skin, should choose designed for sensitive and weak skin, oil content is low, easy to absorb, moisturizing products with natural plant ingredients, eye week, insist to use graph LAN is a good choice. 2. Choose the appropriate eye cream eye cream but remove the fat granule the most professional products and can quickly eliminate fat granule, no stimulation and trace. Figure garland plants to adipose bead in essence is the professional products, if you don't want to bother to choose, choose figure ng LAN is necessarily the most simple and have peace of mind, might as well try! 3. Massage massage to remove fat grain also is pretty good eye, appropriate massage eye skin with hands every day, can promote the metabolism of skin, the skin in the dirt out of the body, is of great help to eliminate the fat granule. A day brush besmear after garland with massage, can effectively improve the appearance of eye problems.
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