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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-05
Cosmetics OEM: how to distinguish between true and false cosmetics because of the uneven brands of cosmetics raw materials in the market, the counterfeiters are becoming more and more sophisticated. From the outer packaging box to the color and texture of the products, ordinary consumers cannot distinguish between true and false, need to know some distinguishing skills. 1. Look at the printing: If the printing edge is not neat, the probability of imitation is relatively large. For example, some products are very delicate, and the flowers on hard packaging such as lipstick and bottle are raised, not printed, the appearance is very delicate, the flowers on the packaging box are not printed, very concave and convex. 2, look at the manufacturer: such as facial cleanser and other products that need to be squeezed, the whole product is a drum, the probability of imitation goods is relatively large, the cosmetics body is like filled with air, the bulging body is obviously made of inferior colloidal materials. The general stripes of paste cosmetics are also relatively balanced and clear, while the imitation products are uneven. 3. Smell: genuine cosmetics usually taste very light, natural, elegant and fresh, giving people relaxed and happy enjoyment. The imitation is more fragrant, fragrant and inferior perfume, which is more likely to be an imitation. 4. See if gas is generated: microorganisms will generate various gases during growth. 5. Look at the degree of turbidity: the reproduction and growth of microorganisms in liquid cosmetics will make cosmetics turbid and unclear. 6, look at the color: nutrition or shampoo and hair care cosmetics, the color is lighter. 7. Look at the viscosity: shake up and down the cosmetics such as emulsion, and the unqualified cosmetics will flow faster due to insufficient viscosity. Open the bottle cap and tilt to make a small amount of liquid flow out, and the liquid flowing out is dripping, qualified cosmetics are fine lines. 8, to see whether the cream is thin: cosmetics generally contain starch, protein and fat.
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