Cosmetics OEM: how to choose the mask processing plant?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
OEM: how to choose the mask processing plant? On the mask processing has a lot of face film processing manufacturers, but how to choose a useful and powerful processing factory for it is not the mask processed is a headache thing to you. When selecting a mask processing factory we don't have so much time to visit so many processors, cosmetics and processing enterprises, in here to teach you how to find that have a count on the spectrum and the strength of the mask processing factory. A qualification, watch factory in qualification we must first determine whether the factory has a production license and hygiene license ( Now the joining together of two some cosmetics manufacturer have two card for: cosmetics manufacturer production license) Late the documents related to product the question of whether or not to allow the sale in the market. Companies and the mask processing plants in 2016 completed the joining together of two certificates ( production license) And certification with GMPC production workshop with a variety of cosmetics manufacturer related patent certificate and a variety of cosmetic appearance. Companies and the mask processing plants in the qualification of cosmetics, has a variety of relevant qualifications. Second, look at plant scale and the scale of the hardware factory and hardware directly affects the product quality and delivery guarantee, so these two conditions is occupies the important considerations in choosing a facial mask processing plant. Qi ya mask processing factory has a modern standard factory building 20000 square meters, GMPC certification standards of the construction of the cosmetics production workshop 3000 square meters, according to the air purification in grade 100000 pharmaceutical industry standards, including cosmetic filling workshop has HEPACLASS1 levels than the transcendence of pharmaceutical factory air purification equipment, can effectively remove the air in 99. 97% of the bacteria and dust, providing a good clean manufacturing environment, to ensure that all products in the manufacturing and filling packing safe pollution-free environment. Equipped with 8 sets of imported emulsification equipment, 6 production lines, 2 spare production line, nissan cosmetics manufacturer semi-finished 15 tons, have enclosed air conditioning workshop, large emulsifying machine, automatic filling production line equipment, advanced monitoring system, the purification processing system, the disinfection filtration system, and is equipped with a complete inspection room and biochemical room, pay attention to the product in the production process strictly controlled, to ensure that products manufactured within the safe pollution-free environment, guarantee the quality of the product. Three customer case, watching in done in mask processing enterprises do customer case is the same choice mask manufacturers an important investigation. More customer case allows us to determine whether the factory can produce what we want the mask. In diversified now face film market, if the cosmetics manufacturer customer case only a few, it might be difficult to meet our some diversification of face film production requirements.
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