Cosmetics OEM: how much do you know about cosmetics? Mask is necessary?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
How much do you know about cosmetics manufacturer? Mask is necessary? Is it time for simple sunscreen sunscreen is ok? Let the XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory small make up to tell you. Face film can achieve the effect of other skin care products can do. But women like when use face film that extra care take care of your feelings, so I'm not against their use formula of the mask. As long as it is formula of the mask, use frequency can be adjusted according to individual needs. A detoxification is a the mask. Can effectively remove aged cells, tighten pores, effectively prevent blackheads, relieve symptoms and fade dark sore acne inflammation. Suitable for any skin, dry skin in every time not more than ten minutes when using; Suggest to use once a week, also can be used alone in the dark sore acne part every day. When using, please stay dry wash in cold water after the face mask, at the same time with essence of PTR/moisturizing products. Adding antioxidants in sunscreen products can enhance your sunscreen, resist free radical damage caused by ultraviolet ray and sunscreen ingredients, this is international the scientific consensus of the skin. Some protect skin to taste the ingredients according to different molecular weight can penetrate the skin, while others stay on the surface of the skin. Top to protect skin to taste some ingredients should be retained on the surface of the skin, other ingredients permeate into skin. All levels of antioxidants in the skin, Cuticle, epidermis and dermis) Can play a role. 【 The processing cosmetics manufacturer 】
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