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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
OEM jia work has analyzed the effect of composition of gold in the cosmetics manufacturer < p> cosmetics manufacturer - 2018 08 - 28 17:54:50 < / p> cosmetics OEM found in the study of gold in the cosmetics application, add gold in skincare ingredients, can strengthen the skin cells of the immune system, protect skin from external oxidation attack, defense against skin aging, expel toxin; In addition, the composition of gold also has to improve color of skin, promote blood circulation, activate cells, and in the dilute spots, acne, etc have assisted effect. Gold foil series product formula contains 24 k gold, this kind of material is not easy to cause human body allergic symptoms, but also can let skin luster. Quality of a material like Q play 'jelly', skin to absorb essence; Fresh products by biological fermentation, plant extracts, a variety of active ingredients pesto, don't add any 'essence', give skin the most natural and safe gold luxury, acme appearance feast. Gold jelly gold foil series of products have water and mask, cosmetics OEM now introduce foil gold jelly water first, it points paragraphs refreshing and moist. Today mainly introduce fresh jelly gold foil gold water, fresh and moisturizing type, easy absorption, rapid penetration to the dry, rough skin bottom, comfortable, gooey. Jelly for gold foil water, cosmetics processing using yeast extract, soybean amino acids, hydroxyethyl urea and horse tooth rain-water extracts. Three ingredients efficacy have purify is corneous, increase the elasticity of your skin, fade out fine lines, carry bright color of skin, increase skin moisture content, IL - inhibiting inflammatory factors 1, protect cells against UVA. OEM gold jelly 3 big innovation on a bottle of gold foil ShuiJi, jelly texture & times; The gold foil & times; Beautiful skin essence to the basement, precious gold foil infiltrating muscle, deep embellish the resurrection, carry bright after balance first, keep a clear fresh muscle, make the skin bright and transparent. Jelly jelly made of gold foil water, easy to absorb the essence of skin, add by follow-up skin care effect. Special recommendation: beauty expert introduction, 24 k gold is not easy to cause allergic reactions, using it to allocate cosmetics, can make skin looks more luster. Such as a famous brand as early as a few years ago blend in 24 k gold skin care products, & other; Gold & skin care gel throughout; Is it launched its first gold maintain article, every bottle of 30 ml in the capacity of the gel containing 9 mg of pure gold, open the bottle caps, can see the glittering, it is said that the product has the moisturizing and let makeup lasting function. Recently some brand introduced to nourish platinum firming moisturizing emulsion, also contain gold particles. Gold as valuables, can be used to make jewelry, also can be used as a medicine to eat, but there are a lot of people don't know the gold can be used as a skincare ingredients, and skin care effect is very good.
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