Cosmetics OEM generation of processing: protect skin to taste a kind of clean paper

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
For us ordinary people, maybe daily skin care do not need to reach 10 steps so much, but from the most basic, water and cleansing milk said, the cosmetics manufacturer and skin care products category have enough and fine! First take stock for everyone today, protect skin to taste: how many size can be divided into categories, the use of these cosmetics order? Article help skin to clean of skincare products, including skin cleaning products, makeup products and chamfer simple product. Products: cleansing foam cleanser, facial cleanser, soap, cleansing clean colour powder, foam cleansing, cleansing gel, cleansing cream. Makeup products: discharge makeup oil, water discharge makeup, makeup milk, discharge makeup, makeup gels. Chamfer simple product: to chemical paste cutin, chamfer gels, physical chamfer scrub. In order to * * a different type of skin, to meet the needs of different consumers to use feeling, still has a lot of niche products under each category. Such as a wide variety of skin cleaning products, in addition to the common cleanser, cleanser, and soap and clean colour powder, cleansing foam cleansing, cleansing gel, cleansing cream, etc. While makeup products include discharge makeup oil, water discharge makeup, makeup, makeup, makeup gels, etc; Chamfer simple product also include chemical to exfoliate cutin paste, gels and physical chamfer scrub. The sister of makeup should be familiar with discharge makeup product, both in sunscreen, isolation and makeup need discharge makeup. May discharge makeup water on a cotton pad, gently wipe again face makeup; Or will discharge makeup product ( Discharge makeup oil, etc. ) Pour on the hands, gently massage whole face in the form of a circle 40 seconds, then use a small amount of water to the face of discharge makeup oil melting into the white foam, gently massage the face around 10 seconds, after being thoroughly emulsifying and with plenty of clean water. The chamfer simple product, it is not included in the daily care of. In fact, soft skin, healthy skin, sensitive skin and acne acne xu teachers did not suggest chamfer, or it will damage the otherwise healthy or fragile corneous layer. Chamfer, the rest of the skin can be moderate to once or twice a month, and do a good job moisturizing after cutin.
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