Cosmetics OEM generation of processing and common problems

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
1, all kinds of class is a commonly used raw materials according to the recipe for decision-making, high-end in the application of the above selected raw materials imported raw materials and domestic raw materials, ratio of raw materials together will be very different. Relativity and mid-range products quality is stronger, the actual effect more apparent. Commodities are all smooth, class quality direct proportion, the actual effect is different level. Online price only for reference, the actual price because the quality is not the same, the order is not the same as the amount of information and not the same, please practical advices. 2, before the announced production, goods have to do to deal with for the record, the prototype borne by people making, together to do the record of inspection and risk assessment, usually in the 800-1 category all spending In the middle for $1000, If the local must be dealt with on the spot for the record shall be borne by the people ready to handle the record filing materials in advance) Inspection fee by well-known brands for, other handle sanders' secret recipe for record filing materials, product processing technology such as handle put on record formalities do STH for sb the company free of charge by our company. To handle the record cycle time is usually around 20 days. 3, all goods must be skin allergy test before to market, belongs to safety equipment. Beware of growth hormones, such as metal cadmium health threat of raw materials. Because of the diversity of skincare, not ensure one hundred percent security, offer all the goods in the application or arm behind the ear, the side to do testing.
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