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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
OEM OEM how process < p> 2017 - 09 - 19 10:26:53 < / p> common cosmetics manufacturer OEM generation of labor flow is what? If there is need to formula for contract? First, must have the trademark + business license ( Sales of cosmetics to be used) 。 Second, determine the cooperation way. Confirm the formula, Semi-finished products) All is only provide semi-finished products or packaging production. Or bought by factory packaging, packaging material on the whole, or provided by the customers themselves, as for the reason, I want to. Are generally factory provide formula for customers to choose. If you provide a formula, is to get the recognition of the factory. Including system stability, whether to have banned substances. Can process suitable for mass production and so on all need to confirm with. Third, packaging design, procurement. Are generally customer processing, the current mainstream is outsourced to a design company, very few have their own design team. Beauty bo packaging materials suppliers have a lot of, also can choose factory suppliers. Component parts need some INCI name, product description, there can be no bad words, must find a factory to review. Fourth, the product for the record. The latest laws and regulations, for the record to product sales. Preparation for the early work is around for the record, including the above mentioned components, the product description if there is a bad words. It must to according to the requirement of the factory. Some customers think they understand the market, know how to describe the product better. But it is based on the professional point of view. Otherwise the record pass, might have to redo all the packaging material. This loss can be avoided. Only through the record have a legitimate sales status. Inspection, for the record; The factory can assist to handle. Fifth, to carry out the processing details. Including the filling quantity, packing details. Code requirements, etc.
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