Cosmetics OEM factory is brand customers 'CPU'

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
OEM factory is the customer's 'CPU' brand cosmetics OEM factory in the whole industry chain in the basic influence, if the beauty skin care industry is described as a high speed running on a computer, so, cosmetics OEM factory is 'CPU' on this computer, choose the perfect cosmetics OEM factory, brand customers though is unlikely to be completely when 'I did it my way', but at least be able to deal with the three fundamental problems: assist brand customers, quality, quality is the life of the brand, brand customers authorize cosmetics OEM factories, thoroughly access to ensure the quality, due to technical professional cosmetics OEM factory, created a 'quality person' as the management center of quality certification system, can be in accordance with the provisions of the '105' cosmetics production in dealers, raw materials, production, testing, freight logistics, after-sales service level standard operation, such as ring under the support of the man-machine material method, with internal control, sampling and testing for plasmid vector, ensure the brand quality in the production in high quality. In addition, you can for testing data information to carry out data analysis, clearly put forward the scientific and standardized treatment method. Some technical professional cosmetics OEM also create CQMA and ERP information management system, produced from the production order information to the goods, the information content of a project life cycle for the tracking. Immediately accurate data collection, record the production process, keep the production on time, information sharing, quality monitor, warehouse management, all of the fusion CQMA manipulation of the whole production process and supply chain management, ERP accounting manipulation, purchase and marketing, dual system operation, the paperless office, standard production and quality control level is relatively high, brand, customers can rest assured completely ShengJin is convenient. Second, the production brand yield immediate harm to the economic benefits of the brand. As cosmetics OEM factory, the production is the overall strength, can immediately help brand customers deal with production problems. Because in the production, cosmetics OEM factory more perfect, to automation technology to production, for example, application of the touch screen emulsion equipment of the automation technology, include electronic materials, pipeline transportation; Can be used to blow potting cut integration, automation machinery, with equipment to replace artificial service, improve production efficiency. To modular design to production, according to the differentiation of the technological process, systematic, modular design personnel, and 'one line', 'dragon' actual operation flow, with the popularity of the practical value to improve yield and begged the degree, improve the efficiency. According to scientific research, production mechanism and the organizational structure and production management system, to ensure 'roaring toward the enemy,' mechanism to maintain high efficiency. Three, the kinetic energy of the cosmetics OEM factory management ability and the overall strength is kinetic energy. Perfect cosmetics OEM with good atmosphere in the team building, basic construction to team building to help kinetic energy; Can with youth league group habitual harm worker regularly; Can with the minimum of youth league group production module polymer high efficiency of production factors. In addition, in the aspect of technical training, rapid adaptation has perfect emergency plan, time is tight, daily task will try my best, all the staff, painstakingly, no day and no false into a normal international practice, the production dispatch meetings, early meeting, youth league group will system perfect, the kinetic energy in the rural grassroots full release. Supervisors supervise subordinates, level 1 level 1 level supervision; Regulations tube person, steps of system of supervision; Or authorized delegate of the third party supervision, around the important link of cosmetics OEM production, rectifying device in the most deep place, prevent cross major to becoming 'situation.
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