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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM factory introduction to alert vaccine effect of cosmetic industry in 2018 - the < p> cosmetics OEM manufacturer 07 - 26 14:30:14 < / p> because of ineffective vaccines event recently, the reporter's circle of friends are continue to refresh, the home has children parents have expressed his anger. Beginning and end of the things is not complicated & ndash; — On July 11, the state drug administration to changchun Changsheng Bio - Technology Co. , ltd. is in flight; On July 15, state food and drug administration issued announcement, changchun longevity in freeze-dried people with rabies vaccine records exist in the process of production. Announcement, a stone up, the king of the vaccine are circulated on the Internet, caused quite a stir. And let cosmetics OEM manufacturer of unexpected is, & other; Vaccine events & throughout; Triggered by the trust of the crisis has spread to the cosmetics industry, some cosmetics manufacturer shop owner even regrets & other; Imported cosmetics will be further warming throughout the &; , obviously, there are some concerns in their hearts. “ Vaccine events, cosmetics distributors throughout a bit concern &; “ Affected by the vaccine events, the future cosmetic industry imports will be further warming. Integrity, Chinese companies have been suspended in the top of the head of a sword! Moral decay, suicide & throughout; , after the vaccine incident broke out, the sichuan reaver chairman liu boats took the lead in the circle of friends say. “ For domestic brands confidence in doubt that climate retailers, independent quality & throughout; For your hair of the circle of friends, liu explains boats to cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer. But the real worry, may be psychological change from the consumer level. In guangxi HuiZhiLin cosmetics co. , LTD. General manager MengYuPing view, & other; Vaccine incident may indirectly affect the psychological of consumers to purchase cosmetics, lead to not believe domestic goods. ” OEM manufacturers think, as long as one of the leading enterprises in the domestic cosmetics brands do not appear quality problem, the cosmetics market in China, the flag of China will still be able to tie the very fast.
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