Cosmetics OEM essence of the essay: the common sense to understand!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
Each person has their own taste, is it sweet or smelly it's difficult to say, of course! Spices and a history of five thousand years, divided into two categories: natural spices and synthetic spices, natural flavor and include plant spices and animal spices, so that classification is very detailed! Today XJ Beauty of small make up have thought science once for you!

plant spices

there are mainly essential oil, extract used in the form. Its origin is widespread, aroma pure and fresh and natural, wide variety, about 200 kinds of commonly used. But most of its aroma with the extension of time and change is bigger, destabilize the overall aroma. And because the plant raw material origin, harvest season, and adopt different parts, its aroma and yield is also different, so the aroma of the final product quality are also different.

animal spices

aroma is stable and durable, but only musk, civet, castoreum and ambergris, several kinds of variety and less expensive, occupies an important position in the spices. Animal spices is rarely used in cosmetic, and used only for preparation of high-grade perfume.

synthetic spices

compared with natural spices, synthetic spices, price is low, the abundant supply of goods, stable quality, usage on market is the largest kind of spices. The world has grown to more than 6000 kinds of synthetic spices, said is usually used as flavouring, 500 ~ 600.

at present, the chemical structure of the structure of the artificial synthetic spices have been found in the natural flavor ingredients, its aroma similar to some natural flavor, such as synthetic musk, musky aroma in the cosmetics, the basic use of synthetic musk.

what is the essence of

will be several or even dozens of spices in certain dosage ratio and adding order, or to have some kind of aroma scent harmonic flavor is the essence.

whether natural spices, or synthetic spices, mostly in the form of essence added in cosmetics.

the taste of cosmetics manufacturer is very important, in addition to cover up the flavor of raw materials, can also bring pleasure to a customer, although the essence in the cosmetics of dosage is very small, but it is the most common cause of allergic reactions and other stimulus response factor, the current has aroused attention of the cosmetics industry. According to statistics, each essence is sensitive to some to have effect, but can't because of its effect on a few people who have sensitive, just don't think the essence of safety, should according to the statistical data to evaluate its safety.

based on the above reasons, some manufacturers launched without fragrance products, in order to improve the safety of the products. But most consumers are not able to accept no aroma cosmetics; At the same time, don't add flavor cosmetics will send out a product raw materials of some of the inherent flavor, make consumers to accept.

as a consumer, also need not worrying about the essence of cosmetics, normal cosmetics manufacturer production of cosmetics, all must carry on the safety testing before they go out, only to meet safety requirements can be carried out only after sales. Entrepreneurship research institute is a formal cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer. So as long as the formal channels of purchase qualified cosmetics, before use, first do try susceptibility tests in ear hind, can eliminate by the safety hidden danger of essence. Looking for normal cosmetics manufacturer, cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturers, select XJ Beauty is very good!

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